18 Days To Go
Fellsman 2022

Published : 13 April 2022
18 days to go – here’s a bit of a round up for you all. There’s a few gems of information in here, so please give it a read, and share it with any fellow entrants you know….

You should all have received an email regarding accommodation / sleeping / camping at Threshfield. Thank you to those of you who have already filled it in – if you haven’t yet, please do asap. If you’ve not seen it yet, please check your junk folder. Get in touch if it’s not there!

If you are planning on bringing a campervan and sleeping in the Quarry car park (toilet provided) then that is fine (in fact it’s better than fine) – we are aware the questionnaire overlooks this as an option, thank you to those of you that managed to put it in a text box! The more of you sleeping in the car park, the less tents needed, so this is good. Again, get in touch if you have any questions. Once we’ve looked at the results of the survey we’ll have a clearer idea of the accommodation situation, please bear with us.
The buses on Saturday morning, from Threshfield to Ingleton, will be running a very specific schedule, at 6.00am, 6.15am, and 6.30am, with the latter 2 for those who register and get their kit checked Friday night. The first one will be for those who need their kit checking in Ingleton on Saturday morning so, if you are travelling up Saturday morning to get the bus, you MUST BE THERE FOR 5.45am (please allow time to park in the quarry car park and use our minibus shuttle service to the school.)
All map orders have been posted out as of tonight. If you ordered one recently, it should be with you by Friday. If you think you are missing your map order, please get in touch.

To help us with accurate ordering (mostly to avoid over-catering and waste) please note that Extras (transport, supper, breakfast) will only be available to add to your entry up until SUNDAY 24th APRIL. We don’t usually have such a deadline, but given the exorbitant price of pretty much everything these days, we’re keen to tweak anything we can in the last week to make sure we’re keeping all costs to a minimum, as ultimately the future of the event depends on it…

Catering – vegan/ gluten free options will be available everywhere but in a limited capacity. If you need to take advantage of either of these, please get in touch. We also offer a delivery service to check points for food parcels if our checkpoint catering doesn’t suit – again, please get in touch if this is something you would find useful.

Post – we’re not sending you any! We’ve had a few enquiries about handbooks/ race numbers etc, but this year we’ve gone mostly electronic. A copy of our (very minimal) handbook will be available to collect at registration for those of you who requested it. Everything else will be emailed out beforehand / available to read on the website. Don’t panic though, we’ll still be sending out the iconic Tallies post event. Keep an eye out for further updates nearer the event!

Finally, we still have places available so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to enter. We’ve been getting a few emails regarding injuries, withdrawals and deferring until next year- regretfully we do not defer entries over as it just isn’t viable. Our refund deadline is in March as after that date we have to start actually spending money, and as we are a not-for-profit event run by Scouts, we run quite close to the wire as it is. However, for those of you who really don’t want to miss out, we have a couple of Hill Top Checkpoints that are currently in desperate need of staff – might You be interested? We also always have vacancies for help at the start and finish, so if you’re in two minds and think this might be a way of satisfying your Fellsman need – get in touch….

For all enquiries, or responses to any of the items above, please send an email to event@fellsman.org.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Enjoy the weather this weekend – don’t get too carried away though, we don’t want a flurry of fresh injuries.
See you soon!
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