51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2016

The Fellsman results from 2016


  • 400 Entrants entered the event (including those who withdrew before the event)
  • 88 Non-starters
  • 312 Started the event
  • 94 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 1 Entrant was disqualified for losing their tally
  • 217 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 54th Event (2016)

  • The winner of the Fellsman Axe was Konrad Rawlik with a time of 11 hrs 31 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Karen Nash with a time of 15 hrs 45 minutes.
  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Laurence Piercy with a time of 13 hrs 18 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is David Bell of 6th Bromsgrove Scouts with a time of 20 hrs 05 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Kevin Perry in a time of 13 hrs 08 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Chris Davies in a time of 13 hrs 39 minutes.
  • In 2016 a veteran of the event, Stuart Thompson, donated a new trophy – The Old Kids Award – for the fastest entrant over the age of 70. The first winner of the award is Robert Nash in a time of 27 hours 39 minutes. And did we mention it was his first Fellsman…
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Lost on the Fells. The team members were Konrad Rawlik, Simon Bourne, Lawrence Eccles and Ian Symington with a combined time of 37 hrs 14 minutes.
  • In 2016 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were the Silver Shufflers. The team members were Kevin Perry, Martin Dietrich, Julian Brown, David Ralphs and Adrian Martin with a combined time of 45 hrs 29 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. This year the award is presented to Mr Tom Jones. For the last two years Tom has volunteered on the Fellsman, he has never entered the event, but felt he could answer our plea for help in 2015. So for the last two years he has turned up and done whatever was asked of him. Kit Check on Friday night? “No problem!” Help out in the Kitchen? “Sure, what needs doing?” Then on Saturday morning after the start he heads over to Redshaw checkpoint; the best way to describe his role there is as Maitre d’Hotel! Typically he seats an entrant as they arrive, fills water bottles, fetches warm food and drink. He assesses his ‘client’s’ individual needs; cold, dazed or tired, he knows just what to say. If someone is starting to drop into the pit of hypothermia they are wrapped in blankets, encouraged to take on food, given hot water bottles and changed into dry clothes (from Tom’s own kit if you have none left of your own). All this with a smile and a dash of humour. Just remember to lock up your cheese!
  • The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award, first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell, is this year presented to Mr Dave Driver. Dave Driver is the man behind the Felltrack computer system that for the last 8 years has been working behind the scenes tracking Fellsman entrants around the route. For the first event in 2009 the need for internet connectivity meant that only a few checkpoints could transmit data down to HQ at Threshfield and we were still using entrant numbers to check people through; it was not without problems but even then we knew we had something special on our hands. Over the next few years Felltrack worked alongside our existing radio scores message system as Dave worked his magic refining the system to take account of our requests and somehow managing to bring internet access to the most remote of locations. With Dave’s introduction of RFID tags in the traditional Fellsman tally the system finally came into its own and we were finally able to stop the habit of a lifetime and cease transmission of scores messages over the radio. This year Felltrack reached its full potential, we had tally data scanned in from every roadside checkpoint, and a few hilltops besides, and I don’t think a single ‘scores’ message was sent via the radio. Even so, we know Dave has plans to improve the system still further, as well as making every checkpoint Felltrack accessible, and no doubt Felltrack will continue to develop for many years to come. In short, Dave Driver has changed the face of safety on the Fellsman and taken us forward into a new era – outstanding services indeed!

Entrants Completing 54th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Konrad RawlikLost on the Fells36811:31
2Simon BourneLost on the Fells24712:13
3Stewart Bellamy30112:40
4Simon Halliday3612:55
5Andy Davies30313:00
6Kevin PerrySilver Shufflers30813:08
7Matthew Neale23613:13
8Adam Worrallo6313:18
8Laurence Piercy21613:18
10John Parkin21413:26
11Robin CarterRolls-Royce Harriers23313:28
11Matthew TomlinsonRolls-Royce Harriers34813:28
13Lawrence EcclesLost on the Fells13013:30
14Janson Heath12213:35
15John Firth19213:37
16Mark Brooks36713:38
17Chris Davies28513:39
17Duncan Oakes37213:39
19Barry Awan32013:45
20David Ashby37014:42
20Robert Shaw37114:42
20David Peacock39814:42
23Martin Terry12614:44
24Simon Ford14214:46
25James Masters25514:51
26David Dixon3914:52
27Graham Collins33514:53
27John Thompson35214:53
29David Chetta38915:21
30Bryan Clary3715:22
31Stuart Heaviside1115:43
32Karen Nash12315:45
33Mark Grover31115:56
34Martin DietrichSilver Shufflers26916:00
35Nicholas Olszewski4516:17
36Robert Smith10616:21
36Julian BrownSilver Shufflers19616:21
36Shaun Butterfield25916:21
36Ben Geldeard30416:21
40Huw Davies33216:27
40Glen Davies33316:27
42Terry Massey7916:30
43Mick Cottam19916:44
43Fred Boardman29016:44
45Craig Macalpine516:55
45Nicholas Sanders9916:55
45Jean Baptiste Rouvelin29616:55
48Yannick Peron6716:57
49Dave Harvey22316:59
50Barry Scott20117:01
51David Fountain9017:10
52Andrew Ellwood8717:40
52Noel Hogan24817:40
52Kevin Smith26417:40
52Sandy Mackenzie28017:40
52Ralph Baines32317:40
52David RalphsSilver Shufflers40017:40
58Andy Robinson13817:44
59Justin Bramall11317:51
59Brian Stallwood24217:51
61Andy Hindson11817:52
61Richard Andrews30017:52
63Steve Wilson37918:01
64Adam Micklethwaite1818:04
64Simon Franklin7818:04
64Jim Gayler11418:04
64Josie Greenhalgh17018:04
64Paul Calderbank18218:04
64Robert Crawford33718:04
70Paul Booth27218:07
70Barnaby Crawshaw37418:07
72Ian Hodge12418:08
72Neil Bowmer21818:08
74Jim Berriman8118:28
75Simon Redshaw36918:29
76Allison Skillicorn36018:32
77Daryl Bentley11918:36
77Debbie Cooper12118:36
79Philip Thornton24118:45
79James Wilson31318:45
79Martyn Hewitt38618:45
82Michelle Brooks22418:51
82Mick Dobson22618:51
84Mark Dalton14318:54
84Peter Moralee27718:54
84Simon Webb31918:54
87Andy Painter16218:56
87Ben Adams17918:56
87Leanne Hague35318:56
90Sharon Hague35118:57
91Terry Brewster17719:03
91Nathan Britton32619:03
93Ed Strong14619:07
93Tom Strong35719:07
95Paul Raistrick29319:19
95Matthew Haworth31519:19
97Andy Joynson2719:20
97John Moorhouse5119:20
99Giles Thurston32719:24
100Gary Findlay12519:27
100Peter Davis23719:27
100Matt Hutchinson35919:27
103Ben Rowley13619:28
103Erica Morris13719:28
103Adnan Khan34719:28
106Jennifer Garside36419:29
106Jim Garside36519:29
106Fiona Hall36619:29
106Andrew Haworth39519:29
110Tim Fox29719:31
111Bill Crowther2519:33
112Marco Skogh22019:35
113Steven Jones1419:41
114Duncan PlattWilmingtonTrail Finders21019:43
115Ted Adamski5819:48
115Stefan Adamski5919:48
115Rebecca Lane14519:48
115Stuart Secker15419:48
115Michael Brady29819:48
115Matt Podd32519:48
115Jim Sneath34019:48
122Paul BrewsterWilmingtonTrail Finders20819:55
122Graeme MaidmentWilmingtonTrail Finders23819:55
122Akos ReveszWilmingtonTrail Finders26719:55
125Alex BatchelorWilmingtonTrail Finders9719:56
125Ben QuineyWilmingtonTrail Finders21119:56
127Mark Clayton3320:05
127Barbara Clayton3520:05
127David Bell9820:05
127Nick Ham24620:05
131Ian Mercer4920:54
131Sarah Smith15020:54
133Alison Brind9620:58
134Andrew SwiftRolls-Royce Harriers39620:59
135David Binns2621:25
135Matthew Shackleton7621:25
137Russell Thomas7221:26
137Edwin Tate16321:26
137Tom Elliff22821:26
140Veronica Maynard23221:35
140Richard Hind30621:35
140Steven Battle31621:35
140Mike Sellors33921:35
140Barney Nikolich39221:35
145Chris Knight5021:44
145Stuart Hyslop6421:44
147Paul HarrisCraven Energy4721:46
147Trevor BurtonCraven Energy8921:46
147Oliver SchepisiCraven Energy11521:46
147Peter HarrisonCraven Energy28921:46
151Anne Beresford14421:51
151Steve Sanders17321:51
151Sarah Jones-Morris36121:51
151Brent Lindsay36321:51
155Darren Coates35021:53
155Ian Brazier35821:53
157David Arnold6522:07
157Danny Jordan8022:07
159Alan Wright25422:08
159Lewis Wright38122:08
161Stephen Whitelock1022:15
162Adrian Kennedy10722:20
163Martin Thomerson4122:23
163Brandon Webb15622:23
163David Anderson19822:23
166Annette Clarke15122:25
166David Thompson15222:25
168Rob Simpson31822:27
168Neil Drake34322:27
170David Say9322:28
171Darren Wales2322:37
171John Nicholson4422:37
171Jonathan Wood11222:37
171Jane Carpenter22922:37
171Beverly Holmes25722:37
171Kevin Rhone30922:37
177David Milton28422:39
178Clare Holdcroft34422:40
179Steve Glaze30223:09
179Daniel Goldsmith33023:09
181Philip Musson26823:13
182Sean Mccartney8223:14
183John Vernon21723:17
184Kieran Walshe623:46
184Jim Allen3223:46
184Tim Martland9123:46
184Hayley Lomas13223:46
188Michael Armitage38523:50
189Andy Arnold11024:31:00
190Adrienne Olszewska4624:32:00
190Cliff CooperRolls-Royce Harriers29224:32:00
192Paul Reeve28624:54:00
193Sharon Sullivan18724:55:00
194Chris Rainey9224:56:00
195Dick Scroop31725:51:00
196Robert Walker10926:05:00
196Mike Bottomley28226:05:00
196Aidan Harington31226:05:00
196Steph Dwyer39426:05:00
200John Wigens14126:22:00
201Stuart Clarkson10826:26:00
201Keith John Bell26326:26:00
203Heather Stephenson16026:34:00
204John O'Reilly39326:56:00
205Steve BarnsleyTeam MDS16127:15:00
205Mark SherrattTeam MDS18827:15:00
207Nick FordThe Irregulars27927:27:00
207Rajendra JoshiThe Irregulars34227:27:00
207Jamal AshleyThe Irregulars36227:27:00
210Dave Hughes35627:37:00
211Robert Nash32427:39:00
212Simon Whitmore19327:42:00
212Adrian Gosling21327:42:00
212Nick Webb27327:42:00
212Donald Priestley29127:42:00
212David Priestley29527:42:00
217Anthony Murray27629:00:00

Entrants Unable To Complete 54th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Lee BodellPark Rash1950.5
Russell McintyrePark Rash3450.5
John DallyPark Rash4050.5
Alan PepperPark Rash6650.5
Will MusgravePark Rash8450.5
Kelly MusgravePark Rash8650.5
Alzbeta BennPark Rash11750.5
Una CourtneyPark Rash13150.5
Thomas WoodPark Rash16750.5
Sara OrdwayPark Rash16950.5
Tim HarberdPark Rash18450.5
Alison BarrettPark Rash18650.5
Peter BennetPark Rash20750.5
John MosleyPark Rash25650.5
Kevin PearsonPark Rash31050.5
Rob KelmanPark Rash37750.5
Andrew MoizerPark Rash38050.5
Mark BlundellPark Rash38350.5
Mike BurkePark Rash38450.5
Saul TaylorCray744.8
Aleks KashefiCray944.8
Graham LawtonCray7444.8
John SpoonerCray7744.8
Shelagh HopkinsonCray8844.8
David WrightCray15344.8
Nicholas GranvilleCray18144.8
Thomas BurtonCray18544.8
Ros BlackmoreCray21944.8
Nigel GlazeCray32844.8
John TaylorCray33144.8
Thane HallCray34544.8
Adrian MartinCray34644.8
Alan NashCray37344.8
Michael RosherCray39144.8
Carla MurphyFleetmoss2437.7
Kevin BowenFleetmoss6237.7
Tim JoynsonFleetmoss8337.7
Jake CarpenterFleetmoss10037.7
Alex Ditalia-RileyFleetmoss10137.7
Matthew BarnesFleetmoss10337.7
Mark TorranceFleetmoss12837.7
Phil NewbyFleetmoss15937.7
Jane ParryFleetmoss17437.7
Richard CatonFleetmoss22537.7
Richard RotheryFleetmoss25337.7
David LockerRedshaw832.1
Nicholas GreenRedshaw1532.1
Andrew EylesRedshaw4332.1
Chris CampbellRedshaw4832.1
Graeme CummingRedshaw6032.1
Andy HumphreyRedshaw8532.1
Colin WilliamsRedshaw14732.1
Ian SymingtonRedshaw14832.1
Jess PalmerRedshaw21532.1
Bill McdonnellRedshaw24932.1
Steve LeachRedshaw26232.1
Steve WathallRedshaw28132.1
Stefan KozlowskiStonehouse427.8
Andrew HollandStonehouse1327.8
Sandra ScottStonehouse2827.8
Stephen ScottStonehouse3027.8
Andrew WalshStonehouse5227.8
Paul ScholteStonehouse5427.8
Richard DaviesStonehouse5627.8
Gareth HarrisonStonehouse6127.8
Karsten WedgewoodStonehouse9527.8
Daniel HartStonehouse11127.8
Michael JonesStonehouse12027.8
Marla Howard-CuttsStonehouse23927.8
Richard BowlesStonehouse27127.8
Mick WaddiloveStonehouse35427.8
Ibi EsatStonehouse37627.8
David VezeyStonehouse38727.8
Iain PoveyStonehouse39027.8
Karen PoveyStonehouse39727.8
David HindleyDent4220.5
Matthew KirbyDent6820.5
Owen McnameeDent7120.5
Simon CoplestoneDent12720.5
Peter MaiettaDent21220.5
Simon PassDent25020.5
Pam BairdDent28820.5
Tony FordDent31420.5
Philip ElliotDent32220.5
Troy WilsonDent33620.5
Adrian MoseleyDent35520.5
John MintaKingsdale2112.4
Steve BakerKingsdale7312.4
Helen InglisKingsdale9412.4
James DrummondKingsdale11612.4
Sarah JonesKingsdale13912.4
Kevin HolmesKingsdale24312.4
Christine BensonKingsdale25812.4
Derek WigglesworthHill Inn3056