51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2014

The Fellsman results from 2014


  • 516 Entrants entered the event
  • 117 Non-starters (inc 67 who withdrew prior to the event)
  • 383 Started the event
  • 93 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 5 Entrants were disqualified for infringement of the grouping rule
  • 285 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 52nd Event (2014)

  • The joint winners of the Fellsman Axe were Kim Collison and Adam Perry with a time of 10 hrs 51 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Carol Morgan with a time of 14 hrs 29 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is Tom Gonersall of 1st Ben Rhydding – Wharfedale with a time of 12 hrs 57 minutes.

  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Ed Williams with a time of 12 hrs 32 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard is Kevin Perry in a time of 13 hrs 33 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy is Ted Adamski in a time of 19 hrs 6 minutes.
  • The winners of the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield were Ingleborough District Scouts. The team members were Roger Laycock, Deborah Mahoney, Tracy Wilson and Chris Maudsley with a combined time of 61 hours 35 minutes.
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were The Nonconians. The team members were Adam Perry, Kim Collison, Stuart Walker, Christopher Perry, Matt Neale and Simon Deakin with a combined time of 34 hrs 0 minutes.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were the Silver Shufflers. The team members were Kevin Perry, David Ralphs, Jess Palmer, Martin Dietrich and Peter Stobbs with a combined time of 44 hrs 54 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual hiker or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. This year the award is presented to Christine Brunskill who was nominated by a number of entrants and the Fellsman committee for services to flapjack! Every year Christine conjures up 53 litres of home-made vegetable soup (up from 35+ litres in 2013) and 600 slices of flapjack to help sustain tired and hungry competitors as they battle the elements. We think it’s fair to say that without Christine’s contribution there would be a number of entrants (not to mention committee members) who would not make it to the the end of the event!
  • The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award, first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell, is this year presented to Ken MacKenzie for his many years of dedicated service to the Fellsman in many and various roles including as Event Organiser.

Entrants Completing 52nd Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Adam PerryThe Noconians00110:51
1Kim CollisonThe Noconians07310:51
3Jez Bragg20011:28
4Stuart WalkerThe Noconians07112:18
5Chris PerryThe Noconians27912:30
6Ed Williams28512:32
7Mark Brooks19312:34
8Alex Pilkington35012:36
9Matt NealeThe Noconians12112:43
10Ed Melbourne07912:44
11Simon DeakinThe Noconians14512:53
12Christopher Mawdsley40712:54
12Jason Lewis46412:54
14Andrew HigginsStirkys Funrun36212:55
15Tom Gomersall39912:57
16Jon Hedger36513:27
17Duncan SteenStirkys Funrun45813:32
18Kevin PerrySilver Shufflers35313:33
19Simon Pass06913:34
20Stuart Mills26713:36
21Andrew Slattery08413:57
22Shane Rice05614:29
22Carol Morgan18014:29
22David Jelley30514:29
25Stuart Pitches09614:30
26Ross Litherland39414:31
27Lawrence Eccles10414:32
28Peter Wilkie44814:40
29Peter Chapman16114:41
30Allan McKeown06714:42
31Sven Vetter40014:45
32Dave Ward08515:15
33Graham Dawson06315:16
33Chris Webb40515:16
35Luke Fradsham36315:17
35Paul Helm36915:17
37Daniel Hendriksen37315:31
37Kristof Nowicki40615:31
39Ross Hold28315:34
40John Thompson08315:35
41Jonathan Lucas-Frost23715:36
42David Terner-Swift28615:37
43John Osborne22115:38
44David RalphsSilver Shufflers09415:39
45Tony MarlowWinter hillbillies15015:41
45Alex McVey22015:41
47Jess PalmerSilver Shufflers27015:42
47Albert SunterWinter hillbillies29015:42
47Josie GreenhalghWinter hillbillies38515:42
50Kevin Easley06215:45
50Paul Scholte08715:45
50David Dixon33115:45
50James Quigley45415:45
54John Firth14015:46
55Greg Crowley02115:47
56Andrew Armstrong05815:55
57James Baldwin34815:56
57Martin Terry35215:56
59Andrew Ellwood26916:00
59Tim Adams42516:00
61Julian Brown21716:01
61Steve Williams35516:01
63Billy Craig09016:03
63Sharon Mcdonald09516:03
65Dave Orbinson33316:29
65Galen Reynolds33416:29
65Marc WoodallStirkys Funrun38216:29
65Graham Thomas43016:29
69Nathan MartinStirkys Funrun10916:30
69Paul ScottStirkys Funrun17216:30
71Sandy MacKenzie16816:37
71Noel Hogan17116:37
73Mick Allen02816:38
73Andy McFie07716:38
73Gary Bradley14816:38
73Ian Williams16516:38
73Paul Booth31916:38
73Stefan Bramwell40416:38
79Michael Cottam01016:42
80Chris CampbellTrawden Le Moors AC01416:44
80Anthony HallTrawden Le Moors AC11616:44
82Steve White14716:46
83Dave Cumins26316:48
83James Harris27516:48
83Andrew Brown41016:48
86Robert Smith41316:49
86Graeme Brown42316:49
88John Parkin38416:50
89Douglas Lamb31416:53
89Shaun Lamb33216:53
91Mark Waring26616:57
92Phil BellamySaltwell Harriers43117:00
93Andy Jordan03417:05
94Lee Walliington09217:13
94Gemma Bragg19917:13
94Jack Simpson34617:13
94Sam Blanshard46017:13
94Alexander Edwards48117:13
99Richard Andrews20917:27
99Matthew Allen26217:27
101Mark Grover17917:29
101Stuart Gregory27717:29
103Simon Franklin21617:30
103Kirsty HewitsonBluebell Girls29217:30
103Amanda CalvertBluebell Girls47817:30
106Bonnie Van WilgenburgBluebell Girls29117:32
107Adnan Khan20717:36
108Simon Webb00617:38
108Mark Dalton50017:38
110Ralph BainesTrawden Le Moors AC04017:41
111David Grennwood15517:43
112Paul Hunt08917:50
113Colin Williams27318:00
114Kate Briggs13618:09
114Paul Orton40118:09
116Matthew Fay36718:11
117Jonathan Daniels26418:12
117Bernard Corfe32318:12
119Rachael Sharples02318:13
119Tristan Maclean49618:13
121Brian Stallwood22918:17
121Roger LaycockIngleborough District Scouts31818:17
121David Cudby40918:17
124Rick Clark01218:19
124Richard Mavin12318:19
124Mark Clayton31618:19
127Kevin Minter11518:20
127Michael Greenacre44118:20
127Oliver Mitchell44518:20
130David Steele30218:22
131Neil Drake16718:23
132Steve Gooberman-Hill30818:26
133Ben Lonsdale33818:30
134Edward Astley Birtwistle44918:31
135Aleksander Kashefi-Mofrad34018:41
136Sarah Smith02718:45
136Laurence Ormerod16918:45
136Deborah MahoneyIngleborough District Scouts34118:45
139Paris Ataliotis02419:06
139Philip Sturgeon04319:06
139Ted Adamski05919:06
139Debbie Cooper11019:06
139Daryl Bentley11119:06
139David Walton31219:06
139David Gibson35819:06
146Rob Yorke10519:23
146Lydia Dietrich13019:23
146Martin DietrichSilver Shufflers13119:23
149Alison BrindBluebell Girls12919:26
149Stephen McAllister15919:26
149Ian Race44619:26
149Andy Wicks45219:26
153Jonathan Boxshall10219:27
153Jimmy Smth17319:27
155Barnaby Crawshaw35619:38
155Amanda Heading41419:38
157Nick Ham47719:39
158Matthew HaworthTac Bog Monsters36619:41
158Jim GarsideTac Bog Monsters38819:41
160Mark Aldridge23920:01
161Geoff Capps00720:03
162David Kelly35720:06
163Tim Allard16020:11
163Laurence Graves35920:11
165Annie Garcia42020:14
166David Binns01520:15
166Jeffrey Ross04820:15
168Russell Thomas01620:16
169Anne Lloyd-Evans36120:18
170David Hourigan36420:19
170Paul Gardiner49820:19
172Sarah Jones05220:21
172Veronica Maynard22420:21
174Jared Bhatti18920:34
175Timothy Westcott28220:35
176Dave Thompson03320:40
176Charles Bogg12520:40
178Stephen Hall03620:41
178Martin Thomerson03720:41
178Brandon Webb10620:41
178Roger Harper12220:41
182Daniel Lynch19120:42
183Jonathan Wood11220:43
183gareth Gummerson11320:43
183Jane Carpenter43320:43
186Andrew Ryan03520:44
186David Johnston18520:44
188Martin Payne07220:46
188Seth Kennard07520:46
188David Sykes07620:46
188David Hindley24020:46
192Richard TownsendSaltwell Harriers27820:48
192Philip JamesSaltwell Harriers46720:48
194Rafal Szymanski41121:56
195Steve Morris38121:59
196Stephen Whitelock03822:01
196Toby Knights18622:01
198Wilfred Bell34522:02
199Andy Arnold23322:07
200Sharon Sullivan49122:08
201Andrew GrahamTrawden Le Moors AC32422:16
201Christopher Ross38622:16
203Tim Webster29722:17
204Andrew Eyles27122:18
205James Greig49422:19
206Andrew Hastie47022:26
207Andrew Cummings17522:29
207John Kinnell45022:29
209Richard Rothery00922:30
210Sandy Gee35122:34
211Steven Garlick01122:50
211Alan Wright13922:50
211Edwin Sherstone19022:50
211Hayley Lomas30022:50
215David Carr18222:51
215Clare HoldcroftBluebell Girls23022:51
215Will Jones41722:51
218Charlotte Smith42622:54
219Graeme MaidmentWilmington Trail Finders15122:59
219Mark ReynoldsWilmington Trail Finders15222:59
219Paul BrewsterWilmington Trail Finders15322:59
219Thomas Lavington47322:59
223Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders15423:01
224Kevin Pearson04523:09
224Ralf Guscott40323:09
226Rebecca Fryer03023:10
227Andy Phillip08623:55
227Andrew Porter19823:55
227Andy Hopkins31123:55
227John Greenwood48523:55
231Marla Howard-Cutts00823:56
231Christine Benson10823:56
231Jacky Reynolds17723:56
234Peter Wood03223:57
234Adam Winthrop48423:57
236Phil Bamforth32524:10
236Thomas Burton32924:10
236Aidan Harington43524:10
239Robert Walker12624:13
240Philip Musson13324:21
240Sean Flynn45124:21
242Gordon Teal34924:24
243Antony Booth18424:27
244Tracy WilsonIngleborough District Scouts24324:33
244Anna Buckingham37624:33
244Richard Crewe41224:33
247Tim Harberd17624:34
248Nancy BunyanBluebell Girls47624:35
249John Vernon13424:41
249Liam Mifsud14624:41
249Paul Haynes22824:41
252Danny Allen32724:43
253Carly Edwards14124:56
253Rebecca Simms14224:56
253Neil Duerden37824:56
256Andy Hicks31325:03
257John Dally00425:15
257Jill Harsent09825:15
257Sandra Scott39725:15
257John FinniganSaltwell Harriers46925:15
261Scott Talling02525:53
261Cat Lawson44325:53
263Mike Thomas43226:13
264Roger Andrews46326:30
265Brian Finlay48326:32
266Philip Harris08026:33
266Chris Cash37526:33
268Stuart Secker32226:34
268Alistair Haley49226:34
270Elaine Dee19626:39
270Jonathan Derwanz19726:39
272Heather Stephenson20826:40
272Phil Newby33926:40
274Robin Russell02226:41
274Richard Hook13826:41
274Daniel Hart41926:41
274Chris Longstaff47126:41
278Andrew Moizer05027:53
278Alf Short18727:53
278Jean Lyon48927:53
281Owen Mills18328:08
281Daniel Goldsmith43728:08
281Steve Glaze44728:08
284Adrian Gosling01328:46
284Michael Skinner07028:46

Entrants Unable To Complete 52nd Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
David BellPark Rash04650.5
Helen MavinPark Rash12450.5
Kerrie BrethertonPark Rash24750.5
Tom ElliffPark Rash25450.5
Jon NaylorPark Rash26050.5
David WhitePark Rash31750.5
Tony CheadlePark Rash47550.5
Richard GrayCray04244.8
Martin WalshCray05444.8
Sam LamontCray05544.8
Kevin BowenCray06444.8
Matthew KirbyCray06544.8
David SayCray06644.8
David FrameCray09344.8
John NicholsonCray09744.8
Paul RaistrickCray14344.8
William GIbsonCray15844.8
Edwin TateCray20644.8
Eoin Martin ConnaughtonCray21444.8
Alwyn CloughCray22344.8
Darren WalesCray23144.8
Peter StobbsCray24244.8
Peter BeddowsCray28744.8
J C MaudsleyCray31044.8
Lee BodellCray35444.8
Chris KellyCray36044.8
Matt FisherCray36844.8
Carl BakerCray37944.8
Jennifer GarsideCray38744.8
Chris AldersonCray39144.8
Andrew ShakeshaftCray39244.8
John MumfordCray42744.8
Michael LunnCray45344.8
Simon BourneCray45544.8
Mike AllenCray46644.8
Stephen BellCray47244.8
Ben SteelCray48744.8
Robert SpaltonCray49344.8
Stefan AdamskiFleetmoss06037.7
Richard DaviesFleetmoss10337.7
John WigensFleetmoss12837.7
Una CourtneyFleetmoss13537.7
Peter MaiettaFleetmoss13737.7
Thomas WoodFleetmoss16437.7
Nicholas GranvilleFleetmoss19537.7
Richard BrownFleetmoss23237.7
Will MeredithFleetmoss43937.7
Rowan ScottFleetmoss48637.7
James ThurlowRedshaw00332.1
Len FallickRedshaw00532.1
Simon WhiteRedshaw10032.1
Gareth HarrisonRedshaw10132.1
David PorteousRedshaw16332.1
Graeme CummingRedshaw22532.1
Dan AndersonRedshaw24432.1
David MasseyRedshaw24832.1
John OrmerodRedshaw25332.1
Robert AckroydRedshaw29632.1
Andy FordRedshaw33032.1
James Hope-LangRedshaw47432.1
Tim JoynsonStonehouse01927.8
Andy JoynsonStonehouse02027.8
Franco PardiniStonehouse02627.8
Nick SpencerStonehouse03127.8
John RobsonStonehouse07827.8
Ian GummeryStonehouse08227.8
Chris RaineyStonehouse18127.8
Richard FassnidgeStonehouse19427.8
Trevor PackStonehouse20127.8
Alex BeasleyStonehouse20527.8
John MosleyStonehouse21827.8
Michael RosherStonehouse23427.8
Julie CribbStonehouse27427.8
Lewis WrightStonehouse31527.8
Francisco OterminStonehouse37227.8
Jane ParryStonehouse38327.8
Robin PriceStonehouse40827.8
Andrew HeadingStonehouse41527.8
Steve DentonStonehouse43827.8
Roy GardnerStonehouse46227.8
Daniel GoodallStonehouse49027.8
Andrew BickerstaffeDent04420.5
Dominic FollowsDent11720.5
Michael GrahamDent11820.5
Tom StewartDent30920.5
Jenn GaskellDent44220.5
Colm O'CofaighDent48020.5
David WilliamsKingsdale21012.4
Paul WillgossKingsdale25112.4
Chris MawdsleyKingsdale25512.4
Leslie CupisKingsdale29312.4
Chris KennedyHill Inn3066.0
Stephen ScottHill Inn3986.0

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