51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2015

The Fellsman results from 2015


  • 479 Entrants entered the event (including those who withdrew before the event)
  • 105 Non-starters
  • 374 Started the event
  • 91 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 1 Entrant was disqualified for missing a checkpoint
  • 279 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 53rd Event (2015)

  • The winner of the Fellsman Axe was Adam Perry with a time of 10 hrs 23 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Jasmin Paris with a time of 11 hrs 09 minutes. This is a new Fellsman record for the fastest woman’s time.
  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Jasmin Paris with a time of 11 hrs 09 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is Chris Kennedy of 1st Washington Scout Group with a time of 14 hrs 09 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Chris Mawdsley in a time of 12 hrs 34 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Chris Davies in a time of 13 hrs 37 minutes.
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. The team members were Jez Bragg, Konrad Rawlik, Jasmin Paris, Stefan Bramwell and Dave Ward with a combined time of 32 hrs 50 minutes.
  • In 2015 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were the Silver Shufflers. The team members were Kevin Perry, Martin Terry, Martin Dietrich, Peter Stobbs and David Ralphs with a combined time of 42 hrs 55 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. This year the award is presented to Mr Terry Butterworth for his many years of dedicated service to the Fellsman both in his role as entrant and, more recently (due to injury), ever-happy-to-help member of staff; including catering assistant, checkpoint assistant, and documentation proof reader! Terry’s love for all things Fellsman is evident in everything he does and he is definitely a worthy recipient of this award.
  • The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award, first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell, is this year presented to Mr Ronnie Pickles for his continued support of the event and tireless transporting of baggage around the Dales – unlike most transport systems around the world, we’ve not had any lost luggage to date! Ronnie has worked on too many Fellsmans to count and we hope he is able to support on many more to come…

The following results have now been checked against the available paperwork and should be considered final.

Entrants Completing 53rd Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Adam PerrySilver Snorters210:23
2Jez BraggHaggis, Neeps and Tatties40410:44
3Konrad RawlikHaggis, Neeps and Tatties19910:57
4Jasmin ParisHaggis, Neeps and Tatties28911:09
5Chris PerrySilver Snorters24611:55
6Andrew Slattery20211:59
7Ed Melbourne45412:14
8Kevin HoultCalder Valley20512:17
8Simon BourneCalder Valley43112:17
10Stewart BellamyMercia Fell Runners2912:29
10Stefan BramwellHaggis, Neeps and Tatties31112:29
10Matt NealeSilver Snorters31312:29
13Chris Mawdsley19212:34
14Ben Rowley10612:39
15Dave WardHaggis, Neeps and Tatties25512:40
16Jack Simpson12212:49
17Andy DaviesMercia Fell Runners31512:56
18Mary Gillie17813:02
19James Harris7313:19
19Derek Fuller35213:19
21Barry Awan47813:28
22Chris Webb14813:37
22Chris Davies28013:37
24Kevin PerrySilver Shufflers43413:38
25Craig Stansfield12613:42
26Sam Blanshard42413:45
27Rick Clark14913:59
28Rob Harper32814:02
29Martin HuddlestonCalder Valley20914:05
30Simon Halliday2014:06
30Allan Mckeown6014:06
30Martin TerrySilver Shufflers10714:06
33Kris BaldockSilver Snorters38714:08
33Jim Rogers43614:08
35Chris Kennedy25114:09
36Carol Morgan314:13
37John Parkin23614:23
38Jonathan Bamber37814:24
38Mick Allen43514:24
40Gary Davies32014:25
41Andrew Armstrong22214:45
42Julian Brown17014:49
43Phil Scarf47914:57
44Neil Ridsdale31415:09
45Martin DietrichSilver Shufflers40015:11
46Peter StobbsSilver Shufflers41315:22
47Mark Grover33315:26
48Ian Williams8315:28
48Carmine De Grandis25015:28
50Bill Johnson30915:31
51John Thompson17315:35
51Michael Sellors27215:35
51Barney Nikolich33715:35
54Matthew Harmon47215:36
55David RalphsSilver Shufflers16415:37
56Karen Nash31215:38
57Nigel Aston24015:39
58Ozzy Kershaw3515:44
58Nick Harper4515:44
58David Wilson41915:44
61Kevin Bowen8715:45
61Robert Smith10415:45
61Alistair Hearn25815:45
64Dave Orbinson36315:47
65Huw DaviesMercia Fell Runners34015:48
66James Quigley11415:49
66Tony Marlow14715:49
66Kevin Smith30015:49
69Andrew Ellwood22315:51
70Nicholas Olszewski9015:55
71Richard Garland28216:34
72David Harvey26716:48
72Paul Barbier28516:48
72Duncan Spencer28716:48
75Steve Wathall14217:02
75Adrian DonnellyMercia Fell Runners20117:02
75Rachel Slattery36217:02
78Simon Webb45717:07
79Carl Howells1417:08
79Simon Coles29717:08
81Scott Morley15717:10
81Mark Dalton18617:10
83Jerome Mcallister5617:12
83Dave Boothroyd6217:12
83Andy Mcfie18917:12
83Mike Jordan31017:12
83Jon Moulding34417:12
88Mark Wharton19817:13
88Michael Cottam45317:13
90Roy Gardner41517:14
91Peter Agnew13317:17
92Anne Lloyd-Evans41617:21
93Tony Wimbush26217:22
94Neil Duerden9417:24
94Alex Buckland9617:24
96David Beales14417:26
96Stuart Allan28617:26
96Andrew Reeves46917:26
99Duncan Allen18317:27
100Andy Heading35617:31
101Geoff Capps5417:35
101Russell Thomas10317:35
101Stuart Musson29117:35
104Nick Mayers11117:36
104Guy Mawson34617:36
106Yannick Peron22917:39
107Will Jones16317:41
107Gary Bradley22817:41
109Jim Preston2617:49
109John Harrison27317:49
111Brian Stallwood8118:03
111Iain Prentice8218:03
111Hester Cox9218:03
114Ian Hodge14518:09
115Charlie Johnson27718:15
115Nick Hart45018:15
117Andrew Ryan26018:19
117David Anderson40218:19
117Ross Mcleod44818:19
120Chris Kelly4118:45
120Lee Davies4218:45
122Geoff Perry3218:47
122Jackie Scarf10118:47
124Adrian Kennedy718:48
124Andy Swift7618:48
124Andrew Hindson7818:48
124Linda Murgatroyd22718:48
124Robin CarterSilver Snorters26918:48
129Steven Jones5018:49
129Hugh Lovatt26418:49
131Darren Wales1518:53
131Ian Oldham1718:53
131Gary Findlay6118:53
131John Nicholson8418:53
135Liam Mifsud12918:55
135Henry Morris22018:55
137Anthony Curtis23219:00
138Stephen Whitelock2819:05
139Aleks Kashefi13019:07
140Joris Eggenhuisen33119:09
141Bridget Collier41419:10
142Ian France19419:13
143Mike Burke37419:14
144Edwin Sherstone25619:34
145Trevor Pack37719:36
145Alex Beasley42219:36
147Jonathan Daniels25419:37
148Paul Hunt11819:41
149Timothy Westcott7219:42
150Shaun Western6419:44
151Eric Hanna4419:45
151Tracy Vernon8019:45
153Colm O'cofaigh33420:10
154David Wood13620:16
154Phillip Hibbs47120:16
156Jasmin SmithSilver Snorters46520:20
157Simon Edens26620:21
157Marian Fletcher29020:21
157Philip Musson30620:21
157David Hindley41020:21
157Ralf Guscott45520:21
157Allan Cox46020:21
163Duncan Platt19720:22
164Alex Batchelor19620:23
165David Vezey14320:25
166David Bell520:27
166Alison Brind4620:27
166Sharon Sullivan38920:27
169Matthew Kirby8920:28
170Tim Joynson18420:29
171Raj Madhas29920:30
172Steve Morris3620:41
172Lee Bodell15520:41
174Sharon Bianchi39120:42
175Paul Redman4920:44
175James Williamson12020:44
175Kerrie Bretherton12820:44
175Steve Spence17120:44
175Mick Dobson21820:44
175Jennifer Garside41820:44
181Kate Briggs38821:06
182David Clancy9321:07
182Jonathan Wood12721:07
182Elise Milnes29221:07
185Beverly Holmes3921:08
185Rhys Watkins10221:08
185Jane Carpenter12321:08
188Daniel Hart11621:22
188Nick Cable39221:22
188Neil Drake43821:22
191Andy Arnold2321:36
192Janet Hill17921:40
193Andrew Eyles10021:48
194Kevin Pearson30821:50
195Lizzie Rosewell1121:52
195Neil Bowmer6721:52
195James Pawson12121:52
198Gareth Swain2522:24
198Matt Osborne4322:24
200Simon Atkins17722:25
201Hugo Glover12522:28
201Dylan Glover13222:28
203Ken Williams35822:33
203Marianne Williams35922:33
205Edwin Tate8822:37
206Marla Howard-Cutts34922:42
207Charlotte Smith46622:43
208Anna Buckingham3022:50
208Alexander Shirreff23422:50
208Richard Crewe28322:50
208Harry Godson42322:50
208Simon Lamb46822:50
208Edward Thorne47722:50
214Douglas Braidwood922:51
215Thomas Stockley46422:53
216Anne Beresford37222:54
217Steve Glaze34323:04
217Daniel Goldsmith38023:04
219Rachael Harper2723:05
219Lisa Wallis22123:05
221Mike Allen16823:16
221Michael Wesencraft19123:16
223Philip Elliot33523:19
223David Egan38123:19
225Justin Bramall24823:50
226Ibi Esat27423:53
226Alan Pepper39323:53
228Robert Curtis45124:00:00
228Anne Golding45224:00:00
230Carl Beswick4024:07:00
230Jamie Thorp9724:07:00
230Stephen Kingdom28824:07:00
233Chris Coghlan824:16:00
233Paul Haynes15924:16:00
233Alan Slade26824:16:00
236Andrew John Phillip21424:17:00
237Paul Fauset24324:19:00
237Matthew Brown24924:19:00
239Lewis Wright36124:22:00
240Adrienne Olszewska5124:26:00
240Jane Woodburn7924:26:00
242Peter Beddows43024:28:00
242John Ormerod46324:28:00
244Ted Adamski7124:46:00
244Alison Young10924:46:00
246Mick Waddilove44724:54:00
247Jacky Reynolds20025:08:00
247Steve Leach24225:08:00
247Christine Benson27525:08:00
247John Vernon40925:08:00
247Garry Grant46125:08:00
252Chris Cash20425:13:00
252Gayle Denny36525:13:00
252Simon Denny38325:13:00
255Michael Brady44625:29:00
255Andrew Moizer46725:29:00
257John Dally21925:54:00
257John Wigens26525:54:00
257Alzbeta Benn40725:54:00
260David Priestley35125:56:00
261Richard Davies1225:57:00
261Matt Bullen14125:57:00
261Donald Priestley34125:57:00
264Gareth Harrison2425:58:00
265Christine Bowen6926:24:00
265James Bowen8626:24:00
267Bill Mcdonnell24526:46:00
268Nicholas Granville29426:56:00
269Heather Stephenson17627:33:00
269Jane Parry40327:33:00
271Phil Newby17527:34:00
271Laurence Tuckwood36427:34:00
273Susan Jenkins44328:01:00
273Andrew Jenkins44428:01:00
275Joseph Hoben27128:03:00
275Andrew McCormick40628:03:00
277Angela Johnson20828:04:00
277Trevor Brown23728:04:00
279Stephen Longfellow41728:21:00

Entrants Unable To Complete 53rd Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Dave BowenCray03144.8
Robin HoughtonCray05344.8
Paul MclaughlinCray05744.8
Sue OxleyCray07444.8
Sarah BowenCray09544.8
David SayCray14644.8
Albert SunterCray15444.8
Sean MccartneyCray16144.8
Ian MossCray16944.8
David MiltonCray18244.8
Andy FordCray21244.8
Nancy BunyanCray24744.8
Shahid MohammedCray27644.8
Tom KeelyCray28444.8
Heather Thomas-SmithCray29844.8
Richard PhillipsCray31944.8
Dan ShrimptonCray32244.8
Dick ScroopCray33644.8
Glen DaviesCray33944.8
Tom BattyCray36644.8
James KnowlingCray37044.8
Andy DuncanCray39544.8
Yvonne BeckwithCray39644.8
Andrew CloughCray39844.8
Jim GarsideCray40544.8
Brian MccreadyCray42744.8
Gordon TealCray42844.8
Tom GomersallCray43744.8
Paul ForrestCray44244.8
Michael RosherCray45944.8
Peter WoodFleetmoss18037.7
Bernard CorfeFleetmoss20737.7
Marie GodsonFleetmoss25937.7
John PartonFleetmoss32137.7
Mathew LittlejohnFleetmoss32337.7
Steve BritainFleetmoss32537.7
John GillardFleetmoss32637.7
Chris BuckFleetmoss37937.7
Simon AlderdiceRedshaw05532.1
Ed WilliamsRedshaw13832.1
Richard EdwardsRedshaw17232.1
Ian SymingtonRedshaw23132.1
Chris AldersonRedshaw25232.1
Troy WilsonRedshaw34532.1
John MumfordRedshaw34732.1
Jim DrummondRedshaw34832.1
Hayley LomasRedshaw35332.1
Anna WoodRedshaw36932.1
Kate CloughRedshaw39932.1
Dave OttewellRedshaw41132.1
Alan WrightRedshaw42932.1
Graham PhillipsRedshaw44932.1
Ahmed MohammadRedshaw47032.1
Paris AtaliotisStonehouse00427.8
Terry ButterworthStonehouse00627.8
Andy DaltonStonehouse04727.8
Roger MussonStonehouse06627.8
Ian MooreStonehouse07727.8
Andrew CaldwellStonehouse16627.8
Edward ChallisStonehouse18527.8
Nick GreenStonehouse18727.8
Andy RobinsonStonehouse21627.8
Helen BennettStonehouse32927.8
Chris JoplingStonehouse33027.8
Richard CatonStonehouse33227.8
Peter BennetStonehouse38627.8
Stuart ThompsonStonehouse39027.8
Peter MaiettaStonehouse39427.8
Ross HoldStonehouse47527.8
Stuart SeckerDent06520.5
Nick HamDent08520.5
Dave CudbyDent09820.5
Paul ScholteDent11220.5
Stephen Gooberman-HillDent11520.5
Nick SpencerDent12420.5
Mark Sanderson-CockerillDent13120.5
Raymond HickmanDent16720.5
Robert DavisDent19020.5
Steven GarlickDent21720.5
Helen MavinDent22520.5
Martin GardinerDent23320.5
Barnaby CrawshawDent24120.5
Duncan IrvingDent27920.5
Sean FlynnDent29320.5
Lawrence DayDent30220.5
Keith John BellDent47620.5
Nicholas TarryKingsdale16012.4
Mark ClaytonKingsdale35412.4
Kevin MinterKingsdale35512.4
Emma DavidKingsdale36712.4
Pam BairdKingsdale39712.4