51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2019

The Fellsman results from 2019


  • 430 Entrants entered the event (including 32 who withdrew before the event)
  • 75 Non-starters
  • 323 Started the event
  • 101 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 2 Entrants were disqualified
  • 220 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 57th Event (2019)

The winner of the Fellsman Axe was Stuart Walker with a time of 11 hrs 18 minutes.

The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Sabrina Verjee with a time of 12 hrs 23 minutes.

The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Daniel Weller with a time of 12 hrs 17 minutes.

The winner of the Levy Trophy is Simon Pass of 3rd Shipley – St. Peter’s with a time of 13 hrs 52 minutes.

The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Simon Bourne in a time of 12 hrs 53 minutes.

The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Michael Schneider in a time of 18 hrs 06 minutes.

In 2016 a veteran of the event, Stuart Thompson, donated a new trophy – The Old Kids Award – for the fastest entrant over the age of 70. The winner of the award in 2019 is Ted Adamski in a time of 24 hours 14 minutes.

The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Penny Lane Peglegs. The team members were Stuart Walker, Rory Harris, David Chetta and Lawrence Eccles with a combined time of 34 hrs 48 minutes.

In 2019 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.

The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were Old But Not Dead Yet. The team members were Karen Nash, Albert Sunter, John Thompson, Julian Brown, Mark Dalton and David Toth with a combined time of 48 hrs 38 minutes.

The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. In 2019 the award is presented to Roy and Jean Jackman. More details to follow shortly.

The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In 2019 the award is presented Tim Powell for his many years of dedicated service to the Fellsman. More details to follow shortly.

The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. In 2019, this award was presented to Jack the Gatekeeper. More details to follow shortly.

Fellsman Winner Stuart Walker

2019 Fellsman winner Stuart Walker receiving the coveted Fellsman Axe trophy from Keighley Scouts District Commissioner Jeanette Young and County Commissioner for West Yorkshire Scouts, Mark Chapman.

Tregoning Cup Winner Daniel Weller

Daniel Weller, 2019 winner of the Tregoning Cup awarded to the fastest novice on the Fellsman. Hopefully 2019 will be first of many Fellsman adventures!

Old Kid’s Award Winner Ted Adamski

Ted Adamski, 2019 winner of the Old Kid’s Award for the fastest time for entrants 70 years old and over.

Lumbutt’s Mill Trophy Winners

2019 winners of the Lumbutt’s Mill Trophy for the team of entrants over 50 with the fastest combined time (first three members to finish). Old But Not Dead Yet completed the event in 48hrs 38mins.

Bear Grylls Award

Jack the Gatekeeper receiving the Bear Grylls award for the best young helper from the Keighley Scouts District Commissioner, Jeanette Young, and Scout County Commissioner for West Yorkshire, Mark Chapman.

Entrants Completing 57th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Stuart WalkerPenny Lane Peglegs38711:18
2Rory HarrisPenny Lane Peglegs38611:27
3Robin Carter34611:59
4David ChettaPenny Lane Peglegs10612:03
5Daniel Weller18012:17
6Philip WithnallLonsdale and Friends17012:21
7Sabrina VerjeeLonsdale and Friends35212:23
8Kevin Hoult26512:31
8Ian Magee31512:31
10Adam Worrallo812:53
10Simon BourneCalder Valley and Mercia Boys25512:53
10Ben SheppardLonsdale and Friends27912:53
13Colin Brearley21613:16
13Emma Hopkinson39613:16
15Anthony Fryer37313:23
16Matt Neale25213:36
17Ben Timbers20313:51
18Simon Pass4013:52
19Robert Shaw15314:16
19David Ashby25714:16
21Tim Campbell2414:40
21Matt Dunn20514:40
23John Parkin30114:46
23Hugh Watkin31214:46
25John Firth37114:49
26Aidan Harington19914:56
27Barney Nikolich13414:58
27Harry Pulham17314:58
29Simon Ford1415:01
30John Allan7915:07
30James Hoar34815:07
30Matt Bennett36315:07
33Brian Melia39015:08
34Simon Coplestone23815:44
35Tim Straughan29215:45
36Lee Walker4715:46
36Gary Bradley19315:46
36Darren Gee21715:46
39Karen NashOld But Not Dead Yet28615:47
40Lewis Deane34215:54
41James White8315:55
41Chris Usher13115:55
41Derek Fuller14915:55
41David Parker20415:55
45Mike Abel3516:13
46Robert Smith8916:18
47Rick Clark15116:22
48Albert SunterOld But Not Dead Yet34516:25
49John ThompsonOld But Not Dead Yet11516:26
49Andrea Priestley20716:26
49Steve Turland25616:26
49Mark Grover29916:26
53Maria Cook7216:28
53Colin Williams8416:28
53Adam Malloy32916:28
56Ian Capleton3116:29
56Jon Moulding12316:29
56Jonathan Sangster37616:29
56Richard Everson39416:29
60Benjamin Wolstenholme27416:35
61Jonathan Daniels34116:45
62Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders6116:46
62Akos ReveszWilmington Trail Finders7416:46
62Matt Richardson8716:46
62David Dixon20916:46
66Jamie Roberts26816:50
66Kevin Smith32016:50
66Sam Meeson-Frizelle38816:50
66Dave Ottewell39316:50
70Mike Burke39216:51
71Jeremy Terry1316:53
71Johnnie Watson21916:53
73Luke Thornton13916:54
73James Knowling29316:54
73Julian BrownOld But Not Dead Yet31916:54
76Victoria Morris7516:55
77Amy Duck38317:00
78Kajsa Holgersson2017:09
78Simon Denny2117:09
80Keith Stronach1217:10
80Antonio Codina2617:10
82Iain Bethune9017:14
83Saul Taylor4217:42
83Andy Armstrong34317:42
85Alan Dorrington5517:43
85Jenny Yeo32417:43
85Peter Storey36617:43
88Simon Roberts10317:45
88Andy Pettit23017:45
90Richard Hey21118:05
90Gavin Drummond35418:05
92Fiona Lynch6818:06
92Ian Warrington8518:06
92Michael Schneider10718:06
92Sharon Mcdonald17818:06
96Andrew Ellwood26718:10
97Darren Coates5818:37
97Tyrone Lewis9218:37
97Andrew Bryan9318:37
100Paul Ellis19118:45
101David Fort1518:46
101Craig Storozuk3218:46
101Patrick Barry30018:46
101Jim Garside30618:46
101Jenny Garside33618:46
101Fiona Hall33718:46
107Russell Thomas1118:51
108Daniel Aldus28019:02
109Chris Lawson11219:03
110Andy Joynson1619:06
111Patrick Sweatt38019:20
112Linda Murgatroyd35519:24
112Jackie Scarf35919:24
114Paul Hunt1819:29
115Vincent Baker38219:36
116Steven Jones33919:44
117David Fountain12820:37
118Tom Keely5920:39
119David Bell5420:40
119Andrew Kirk8620:40
119Thomas Shelton31320:40
119Andrea Blanshard36920:40
123Jonathan Gallucci2820:42
124Ian Brazier6620:49
125Iain Asher12620:51
125Ian France16920:51
127Marion Crawford8020:52
128Mick Cottam2320:54
128Antony Stagg14420:54
130Fiona Glen13320:57
131Andrew Fullwood6320:58
132Sarah Jones-Morris5621:10
132John Tomlinson33221:10
134Gary Findlay9721:26
134Neil Drake18521:26
134John Nicholson22021:26
134Kate Briggs24421:26
134Jake Holmes26921:26
134Amy Norfolk32321:26
134Dave Barker37221:26
141Chris Horridge25121:41
141Edwin Tate28521:41
141Rob Frodsham28821:41
141Amanda Frodsham28921:41
141Paul Swift29121:41
146Roger Andrews21821:57
147Charlie Carter5122:11
147Hayley Lomas7322:11
147Stephen Kirk22922:11
147Richard Needham27822:11
151James Scarr30322:14
151Wilfred Bell32722:14
153Philip Chaston722:20
153Joseph Bashforth16522:20
153David Ralphs17622:20
153Kayleigh Ralphs17722:20
153Jim Maxfield29622:20
158Ian Harryman9522:22
159Kendra Wedgwood11322:24
160Jack Ritchie10422:25
160Paul Luckraft27222:25
162Sara Ordway18122:27
162Ralf Guscott21322:27
164Gareth Harrison6722:29
165Robert Foulke19222:30
166John Barry30422:39
167Mark DaltonOld But Not Dead Yet9123:05
167Roger Musson39123:05
169Heather Thomas-Smith16123:19
169Raj Madhas32123:19
169Elise Milnes32623:19
172Ben Lowe17123:38
172Gavin Coventry36723:38
174Alistair Mitchell21423:42
174Humphrey Dunn23723:42
174Matt Hodgson24323:42
177Ted Adamski5224:14:00
177Lara Tompson27024:14:00
177Dominique James27724:14:00
180Stephen Kirby6924:22:00
180Matthew Kirby14624:22:00
182Peter Adams23124:40:00
182Jonathan Adams23224:40:00
184Josh Westwood11124:43:00
184Charlotte Smith22824:43:00
186Philip Pollard30924:53:00
187Dave Astley2724:54:00
187Kevin Pearson11024:54:00
189Tim Short15825:01:00
190Andy Dalton13225:23:00
191John Gilbert1725:42:00
192Imtiaz Ilahi14225:53:00
192Paul Bridge22725:53:00
192John Figiel24525:53:00
192Brian Mullins35025:53:00
196Heidi Lewis12426:13:00
197Murraigh Mcdonald28226:27:00
197David Buckley28326:27:00
197Malcolm Cochrane31126:27:00
200John Wigens2226:28:00
200Chris Shattock9926:28:00
202Eileen Mcdonach35626:33:00
202Elina Eady35726:33:00
204John Vernon17426:34:00
205Robert Curtis37426:37:00
205Anne Golding37526:37:00
207Jill Harsent15226:45:00
208Chris Randall4126:47:00
208Katie Allen13626:47:00
210Peter Beddows7826:50:00
210Joanne Dixon13826:50:00
210Kathy Percival27326:50:00
213Simon Atkins15026:52:00
213Abdurahman El-Awa19526:52:00
215Antoinette Wintin25326:57:00
215Doug Hobbs25426:57:00
217Roma Haigh17527:00:00
217Jeff Stevens32227:00:00
219Paul Remmer7627:27:00
220Adrian Gosling26427:45:00

Entrants Unable To Complete 57th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Mairi-Jane MallenHill Inn2756
Joe FaulknerHill Inn3846
Stephen HodgkinsHill Inn336
Joe HobbsKingsdale38912.4
Ellis BlandKingsdale2912.4
Alan PepperKingsdale37912.4
Andy HindsonDent10920.5
Andrew EylesDent34020.5
Peter HarrisonDent12920.5
Anthony HallDent5720.5
Jamie McilvennyDent3820.5
Fred AdamsDent16320.5
Barbara ClaytonDent21020.5
Mark DykeDent34920.5
James PriestleyDent31620.5
Peter HeywoodDent24120.5
Dan MillerDent22320.5
Chris CampbellDent38520.5
Adam HarperDent10520.5
Mick DobsonStonehouse2527.8
Ian MagnessStonehouse25927.8
Graeme CummingStonehouse7727.8
Graham ClarkeStonehouse4627.8
Chris WelchStonehouse16827.8
Sally ParkinStonehouse35327.8
Stuart ClarksonStonehouse34727.8
Robert LovegroveStonehouse20127.8
John OrmerodStonehouse31427.8
Nancy BunyanStonehouse25027.8
Robert NashStonehouse28727.8
David AyliffeStonehouse18327.8
Chris CoghlanStonehouse14727.8
Philip MussonStonehouse20027.8
Gareth HarrisonStonehouse26627.8
Richard DaviesStonehouse33127.8
Jake CarpenterStonehouse9827.8
Darren WalesStonehouse5027.8
Lucy RobinsStonehouse6527.8
Beatrice TherinStonehouse8827.8
Paul GlynnStonehouse927.8
Gwyneth LittlejohnStonehouse10227.8
Eric StreetStonehouse17927.8
Ibi EsatStonehouse37727.8
Sam BlanshardStonehouse37027.8
Paul WalkerRedshaw24232.1
Simon RobertsonRedshaw6032.1
Lev BabievRedshaw532.1
Olly PursgloveRedshaw12232.1
Chris JewellRedshaw39832.1
Andrew PhillipRedshaw12132.1
Spencer LawleyRedshaw15532.1
Mike SellorsFleetmoss37837.7
Mark StoreyFleetmoss1037.7
Terry BrewsterFleetmoss23637.7
James LightbownFleetmoss18237.7
Andrew BlackburneFleetmoss14837.7
Luke McneillFleetmoss26237.7
Mike BottomFleetmoss22437.7
Paul McAuliffeFleetmoss26137.7
Nick BurnsFleetmoss14137.7
Anthony BunceFleetmoss3637.7
Mark ReynoldsFleetmoss36437.7
James PalmerFleetmoss12037.7
Paul BrewsterFleetmoss3437.7
Chris CatchpoleFleetmoss19837.7
Yvonne BeckwithFleetmoss27137.7
Matthew LawsFleetmoss27637.7
David TothFleetmoss20837.7
Rob OgdenFleetmoss31837.7
Patrick WedgewoodFleetmoss11737.7
Karsten WedgewoodFleetmoss38137.7
Scott ClarkFleetmoss10037.7
Dave HuntFleetmoss6437.7
Gregg BartonFleetmoss24037.7
James RobertsonFleetmoss3937.7
Jonathan OwenFleetmoss29537.7
Sarah KenyonFleetmoss22637.7
Paul KitsonFleetmoss30737.7
John DallyFleetmoss11937.7
Gill StruthersFleetmoss33037.7
Ian HodgeFleetmoss14037.7
Lawrence EcclesCray18444.8
Stewart BellamyCray15444.8
Daniel MillerCray30244.8
Mark TurnerCray18944.8
Kevin PerryCray39744.8
Nick SandersCray11844.8
James MellorCray10844.8
Peter AgnewCray9444.8
Neil BowmerCray19044.8
Adam FixterCray19444.8
Stefan AdamskiCray5344.8
Jim WestCray644.8
Julie McpheatCray11444.8
Dan ThompsonCray14344.8
Peter ClaytonCray24744.8
Martin PayneCray15644.8
Gordon TealCray26344.8
David AndersonCray33444.8
Aaron DouglasPark Rash35150.5
Trevor PackPark Rash15750.5