51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2017

The Fellsman results from 2017


  • 481 Entrants entered the event (including 39 who withdrew before the event)
  • 68 Non-starters
  • 374 Started the event
  • 82 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 1 Entrant was disqualified for losing their tally
  • 291 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 55th Event (2017)

  • The winner of the Fellsman Axe was Chris Perry with a time of 11 hrs 21 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Emma Hopkinson with a time of 14 hrs 45 minutes.
  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Jules Coleman with a time of 12 hrs 52 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is Simon Pass of 3rd Shipley – St. Peter’s with a time of 14 hrs 14 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Kevin Perry in a time of 12 hrs 30 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Peter Chapman in a time of 13 hrs 27 minutes.
  • In 2016 a veteran of the event, Stuart Thompson, donated a new trophy – The Old Kids Award – for the fastest entrant over the age of 70. The winner of the award in 2017 is Terry Butterworth in a time of 17 hours 31 minutes.
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Calder Valley. The team members were Kevin Hoult, Simon Bourne, Daniel Page, Martin Huddleston and Michael Hyde with a combined time of 36 hrs 46 minutes.
  • In 2017 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were One Foot In The Grave. The team members were Peter Chapman, Alex Fawcett, William Foreman and James Rogers with a combined time of 40 hrs 24 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. In 2017 the award is presented to Mark Knott a volunteer and supporter of the event since his early teens who, wanting a challenge, took on manning the bleakest of hilltop checkpoints including Gt Whernside, Hells Gap and Middle Tongue with never ending enthusiasm..
  • The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In 2017 the award is presented Mr Trevor Olsson for his many years of dedicated service to the Fellsman.

It was 1966, when as a senior scout Trevor first helped on the event we have all come to love and enjoy, in the time Trevor has been involved the event has changed many times, believe it or not back then fell running wasn’t heard of.


Over the years Trevor has had many roles and helped developed the event to become the one running today. His first role was part of the equipment check team at Ingelton Village Institute, checking walking boots supplied sufficient ankle support and the sole was either commando quality or had hob nails, hikers had the correct weight of emergency rations and torches had spare batteries and bulbs. How times have changed with technology of LED lights and fell running clothing.


Although a former member of Keighley Scout Service Team Trevor never stood on the event committee but has undertaken many jobs to aid with the smooth running of the Fellsman including: Body Van driver (in a van), running Hawes transport point, driver to the hike organiser, checkpoint officer at Redshaw with his own scouts, Radio operator, Coach driver, and Equipment store worker.


“Trevor remembers one event In the mid 1980’s, 19th Keighley Ingrow Scout Group owned a 45 seater coach, one of his jobs this year was to transport a full coach from Hawes transport point to Threshfield. On one of the many trips past Cray he noticed that he had a car behind him, this car followed him all the way to the finish making no attempt to pass. It was only when back at Threshfield unloading that the driver of the car made it known he was the local policeman. The officer knew he was on the Fellsman and had noticed (unknown to me) that there was no rear lights on the bus, so for safety and not to delay entrants getting back to base and the warmth he had followed him to provide rear lights. He helped him check and repair the fuses, got the lights working then went on his way.”


Between 1994 and 2010 Trevor took a break from the event to raise his own family. But who would know that it was the next generation that would get him back involved. In the second part of Trevor’s Fellsman story, he has worked in the background of recent event supporting his own son and son in law (both current committee members) to help organise current communications, transport and event logistics prior to registration opens on the Friday evening. In the week leading up to the event he either shipping vehicles or drivers back from the hire centre or towing caravans to Cam Houses ready for event control, during the day on Friday he is part of the team that works his way round the checkpoints setting up radio aerials.


All entrants that have completed the Fellsman over the last 7 years will have passed Trevor working tirelessly with Tim Credland and other volunteers running the final checkpoint at Yarnbury. Encouraging you that it’s just down the hill now and this checkpoint isn’t on the bus route.


This year Trevor has made the decision that the overnight cold stint is too much these days but fear not I’m sure we can find him another job some where…


His help and knowledge of the event is much appreciated and when I told Trevor that he had been awarded the John O’Connell award he was touched to be considered.

  • The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. In 2017, this award was presented to Aeryn Moor, Laura Wilson and Hannah Wilson of Bedale Scouts for their excellent work helping the Master Check team in the Threshfield control room, as well as manning the Fellsman Shop on the Sunday morning.

03-05-2017: Please accept our apologies. It appears that due to some computer problems on Saturday evening a number of waiting times were not correctly applied to finishing times.
All tallies have now been visually rechecked and the waiting times amended accordingly.

Entrants Completing 55th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Chris Perry37011:21
2Kevin HoultCalder Valley6111:56
2Simon BourneCalder Valley23311:56
2Stewart Bellamy31111:56
5Lawrence EcclesTall Pink Panthers13212:16
6Nicholas Green11212:22
7Graham Collins22512:28
8Kevin PerrySilver Sufflers35612:30
9Ian Magee2 Men And A Lady10112:32
10Andrew Slattery28712:35
11Adam WorralloTall Pink Panthers34712:40
12Jules ColemanLonsdale Fell Runners35512:52
13Daniel PageCalder Valley33012:54
14David Chetta26513:15
15Rory Harris21113:16
15Joseph HobbsLonsdale Fell Runners35113:16
17Mark Brooks42513:26
18Peter ChapmanOne Foot In The Grave!22613:27
19Alex FawcettOne Foot In The Grave!10813:28
19Colin Brearley14713:28
19Matt Neale18213:28
22William ForemanOne Foot In The Grave!25113:29
22Graham Chadwick30013:29
24Chris Davies20914:02
25James RogersOne Foot In The Grave!23614:04
26Janson Heath34514:05
27Anthony Fryer42914:12
28Jack Redvers Harris16814:13
29Simon Pass12814:14
30Stuart Heaviside2 Men And A Lady4914:27
31Paul Walker4114:31
32Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders13014:32
33Jonathan Pawson42814:42
34Emma Hopkinson2 Men And A Lady5414:45
34Robert Smith6314:45
34Dan Stowers23514:45
34David Dixon37614:45
38Hugh Watkin30314:46
38Josh Perry34314:46
40Stefan BramwellGrumpy Guys Gang10414:47
40Paul SwindlesGrumpy Guys Gang31614:47
42Paul Brown9614:58
43Mick Dobson8714:59
44Ralph Baines36515:07
44Barry Awan38415:07
46Mark Turner41915:22
46Jonathan Lucas-Frost43515:22
48James Quigley5515:25
49Ben Arkell25315:31
50John Hill7215:33
50Michael Mills8415:33
50Matt Richardson28315:33
50Sharon Mcdonald32215:33
54Mike Sellors39815:47
54Barney Nikolich43815:47
56Andrew Mcfarlane27415:49
57Martin HuddlestonCalder Valley42215:53
57Michael HydeCalder Valley42315:53
59John Minta2715:57
59Jess PalmerSilver Sufflers7315:57
59Josie Greenhalgh16315:57
59Albert Sunter18315:57
59Matt Hutchinson40315:57
64Steve Turland11715:58
65Benjamin Taylor15116:00
66Rachel Slattery28616:16
67Andrew Britton33716:19
68Zaheir Bashir22416:21
68Kevin Smith25216:21
68Andrew Ellwood25716:21
71Paul Walwyn32916:22
72Nick Sanders4216:23
72Ashley Oldfield30416:23
74Dominic Pascoe5116:24
74Samuel Coombs23216:24
76Nicholas Olszewski716:25
76Johnnie WatsonTall Pink Panthers8216:25
76Mark Grover28816:25
76Will Jones39416:25
76Jacqueline Toal39916:25
81Anne Lloyd-Evans9516:27
81Neil Bowmer20716:27
83Steve Wilson43716:28
84Peter Heald1716:29
85David Hudd12316:30
86Jonathan Daniels3616:31
86Bridget GlaisterPink Panthers5616:31
86Maria CookPink Panthers6716:31
86Stephanie IllingworthPink Panthers19516:31
90Richard Cronin25616:32
91James Turner18416:34
92Matthew Hart42416:37
93Justin Bramall12116:46
93Ian Martin14016:46
93Kenneth MurphyLonsdale Fell Runners22116:46
93Mark Smith29816:46
93Akos ReveszWilmington Trail Finders38016:46
93Gordon Macculloch39016:46
99Andrew Haworth36916:53
99Mike Burke41616:53
101Richard Andrews38817:05
102Simon Coplestone17617:13
103Andy FordGrumpy Guys Gang4517:16
103Guy IllingworthGrumpy Guys Gang18117:16
103Graham Brown26917:16
106Shaun Butterfield3717:19
106Tim Sutton41417:19
108Paul Hindle38517:22
109Paris Ataliotis2917:31
109Terry Butterworth4417:31
109Dale Mountford16017:31
109Ian Oldham24717:31
109Amanda CalvertMacclesfield Munchers40917:31
109Tim Fox41117:31
115Clare Oliffe27618:04
115Sam Blanshard28918:04
115Andrea Blanshard29018:04
118Chris RichardsonThe Fellsy Four17418:06
118David CooperThe Fellsy Four31318:06
118Philip MellorThe Fellsy Four31418:06
118Kerr MackinnonThe Fellsy Four37118:06
122Ross Phillipson918:07
122John Evans13718:07
124Ian Hodge818:12
125Rick Clark7818:41
125Feray Clark8018:41
125Mick Cottam9018:41
128Bernard Corfe16118:43
129Rebecca Lane15818:55
129James Knowling15918:55
131Daniel Baron1818:58
131Stuart Russell3318:58
131Jamie Roberts19418:58
131Matthew Shackleton21718:58
131Andy Swift21818:58
131Jeremy Terry26118:58
131Antonio Codina27018:58
131Alison Wainwright30218:58
139Martin DietrichSilver Sufflers40019:02
140Charlotte Smith31819:08
141Alwyn Nixon25919:21
141Marco Skogh43019:21
143Simon Robertson12519:22
143Jakub Jerabek36419:22
143Joshua Rothery43219:22
143Adam Hindmarch43319:22
143Aaron Douglas43419:22
148Nick Ham19019:24
149Martin Thomerson3219:26
149Steve Dawling24819:26
149Tim Viner38719:26
152David Frame35419:32
153Gavin Coventry3919:33
153Brett Edgeworth16419:33
153Mike Bottomley24019:33
156David Arnold13419:36
156Danny Jordan14119:36
156Emma Key27519:36
159Chris Knight19219:37
160Steph Dwyer23919:38
160Dave Milton39619:38
162Matthew Brennan1019:39
163Daniel Hart27319:44
164Graham Darmont40619:51
165Jason Bradley24519:54
165Scott Tranter26719:54
167Lee Bodell420:09
167Stuart Hyslop21420:09
169Neil Drake34920:11
170Simon Broughton1920:16
170Sarah Carpenter2020:16
170William Crowther3420:16
170Nathan Britton37720:16
170Nicholas Boughay37820:16
175Ian France2520:21
176Andy Shakeshaft14820:23
176Matthew Adamson33320:23
178Russell Ladkin31220:30
179Jill Holt22320:32
179Nigel Ainsworth-Barnes37220:32
181Barbara Clayton11320:33
181Mark Clayton11420:33
181Julian BrownMacclesfield Munchers32320:33
181Joanna MilesMacclesfield Munchers39320:33
185Wesley Evans4820:35
185Colm O'Cofaigh19620:35
187Sarah Smith41020:38
188Simon White11920:42
188Colin Ward27120:42
190Tim Joynson3120:45
190Angela White39120:45
192Annette Clarke6521:03
192Charles Bogg8521:03
194Darren Wales2621:14
194Gary Findlay7721:14
194Steve Sanders10521:14
194Paul Amourdedieu36221:14
194Martyn Chrystie40421:14
199Kevin Bowen15321:24
199Debbie Stevens42721:24
201Michael Brady33621:25
202David Bell5722:04
202Russell Thomas21622:04
202Fred Boardman36022:04
202Alexander Firmin38622:04
206Amy Norfolk1422:16
206Mike Clayton17922:16
206Katie Hateley33822:16
206Clive Kent38122:16
210Stephen Burgess5922:23
210Rod Sutcliffe29222:23
210Kevin Pearson38322:23
210Tony Spicer41222:23
214Chris Rainey34222:24
215Tim Harberd13822:28
215Sara Ordway16722:28
217Nicola Howell6422:33
218Jonathan Wood1622:39
218David Clancy3522:39
218Joe Rotchell4622:39
218Stuart Clarkson8822:39
218Ian Cross17122:39
218Richard Hind20022:39
218Ros Blackmore20622:39
225John Nunn2122:50
225Ted Adamski7022:50
225Ben QuineyWilmington Trail Followers16222:50
225Jane Matthews18822:50
225Neil Schofield29422:50
225Mark ReynoldsWilmington Trail Followers29622:50
225Hayley Lomas35722:50
232Michael BradleyWilmington Trail Finders14422:52
232Paul BrewsterWilmington Trail Followers15522:52
234Ian MagnessWilmington Trail Followers15422:53
234Kate MarchantWilmington Trail Finders18522:53
236Mark Bennett38923:09
237Paul Johnston26223:20
237Peter Taylor26623:20
239Alan Pepper8123:25
239Andrew Phillip23823:25
239Paul Wilson28023:25
239Nigel Tuley29323:25
243Kristen Stowell17023:31
243Edward Smart44223:31
245Steve Leach23023:58
246Andy Lawrence5224:00:00
247Adrienne Olszewska524:15:00
248Raj Madhas28224:20:00
249James A G Gillan6024:27:00
249Julian Catmull8924:27:00
249Peter Tremain13524:27:00
249Mike Rosher43924:27:00
253Mick Buin8624:29:00
254Jeff Stevens16524:30:00
254Roy Miller41324:30:00
256Kathy Percival22024:43:00
256Peter Beddows40524:43:00
258Paul Cooper31924:44:00
258James Holgate32124:44:00
260Nancy BunyanMacclesfield Munchers42124:49:00
261Robert Nash225:02:00
261Mike Tuke21025:02:00
261Gerry Moore44125:02:00
264Robert Curtis30925:14:00
264Anne Golding31025:14:00
266Robert Walker6225:19:00
266Patrick Bailey21925:19:00
266Tom Burton27725:19:00
266Phil Bamforth28425:19:00
266Sally Bamforth28525:19:00
271Heather Stephenson25426:26:00
271Phil Newby25526:26:00
273Philip Elliot33126:44:00
273David Egan34426:44:00
275Peter Bennet5326:51:00
275John Wigens9926:51:00
275John Dally13126:51:00
275David Wright29726:51:00
275Nicholas Granville39526:51:00
280Hannah Brown626:56:00
280Adrian Gosling15726:56:00
282Phil Tempest20127:30:00
282James Tempest24927:30:00
282Sera Roberts25027:30:00
282Edwin Tate25827:30:00
282Helen Chase33427:30:00
287Andrew Fowler36127:38:00
288Gareth Rankin2228:46:00
289Paul Kitson30828:53:00
290Chris Munt10028:57:00
290Mark Helie20828:57:00

Entrants Unable To Complete 55th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Ste BakerPark Rash6650.5
Jason DaviesPark Rash7450.5
Alan GrayPark Rash41850.5
Nick BurnsPark Rash42650.5
John OrmerodCray1344.8
John NicholsonCray9144.8
Christopher FieldingCray9744.8
Saul TaylorCray9844.8
Gareth BradshawCray10644.8
Nick HarperCray12644.8
Robert SteinCray13344.8
Aidan TaylorCray16644.8
Josh Groves-WallerCray17844.8
James KermodeCray24244.8
Allan PollockCray27944.8
Stephen BellCray30144.8
Dave HughesCray32044.8
Simon JonesCray33244.8
Gordon TealCray34044.8
Graham PhillipsCray36344.8
Peter HarrisonCray37444.8
Lydia DietrichCray40144.8
David PeacockCray40844.8
David PilkingtonCray41744.8
Laurence PiercyFleetmoss337.7
Robert LucasFleetmoss1537.7
Tom MarlerFleetmoss11137.7
Peter MaiettaFleetmoss11837.7
Richard CatonFleetmoss12437.7
Nigel GlazeFleetmoss14937.7
Andy SkelhornFleetmoss17237.7
Victoria DanielFleetmoss30637.7
Laura DaviesFleetmoss30737.7
Andy HeadingFleetmoss32637.7
Alan WrightFleetmoss37537.7
Mark PearceFleetmoss39737.7
Amanda HeadingFleetmoss40237.7
Lee DickinsonFleetmoss42037.7
Adam HarperRedshaw1232.1
Brian StallwoodRedshaw4032.1
Jim MastersRedshaw10232.1
Neil ArmitageRedshaw21532.1
Nigel ArmitageRedshaw22232.1
Andy MonkRedshaw22732.1
Fran JefferyRedshaw22832.1
Keith John BellRedshaw26032.1
Stuart SeckerStonehouse2327.8
Andy JoynsonStonehouse3027.8
Andrew ArmstrongStonehouse3827.8
Paul GlynnStonehouse6827.8
Graeme CummingStonehouse6927.8
Stefan AdamskiStonehouse7127.8
Ralf GuscottStonehouse8327.8
Gareth HarrisonStonehouse9227.8
Michael CooperStonehouse10327.8
Karsten WedgewoodStonehouse18627.8
Patrick WedgewoodStonehouse18727.8
Elizabeth RaynerStonehouse21327.8
Christine BensonStonehouse23127.8
David PriestleyStonehouse27827.8
Donald PriestleyStonehouse28127.8
Peter HeywoodStonehouse29127.8
Paul ChaseStonehouse33527.8
Shahid MohammedStonehouse36727.8
Rachel HillDent5020.5
Greg DaviesDent7520.5
Chris HareDent12920.5
Tracy WilsonDent17520.5
John ParkinDent23720.5
Tom KeelyDent24420.5
Paul GowlandDent32820.5
Luis Alberto Sanchez PeralesDent34620.5
Bill McdonnellDent36620.5
Lee DunnDent43120.5
Catherine GlynnDent43620.5
Paul SandersonKingsdale11512.4
Marla Howard-CuttsKingsdale23412.4
Abduelrazag TumiKingsdale32412.4
John MosleyKingsdale34812.4
Mohamed AshaibaniKingsdale44012.4
Sue OxleyHill Inn1166
Heather Thomas-SmithHill Inn1736