51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2022

The Fellsman results from 2022


  • 315 Entrants entered the event (including 40 who withdrew before the event start)
  • 71 Non-starters
  • 204 Started the event
  • 70 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 134 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 58th Event (2022)

The joint winners of the Fellsman Axe are Oli Johnson and Damian Hall with a time of 11 hrs 23 minutes.

The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Fiona Pascall with a time of 12 hrs 08 minutes.

The joint winners of the Tregoning Cup are Oli Johnson and Damian Hall with a time of 11 hrs 23 minutes.

The joint winners of the Levy Trophy are James Quigley of 12th Glasgow (Lenzie) and James Turner of 18th Truro St George Sea Scouts – Truro District with a time of 15 hrs 34 minutes.

The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Matt Neale in a time of 14 hrs 08 minutes.

The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Martin Terry in a time of 15 hrs 27 minutes.

The winner of the The Old Kids Award for the fastest entrant over the age of 70 is Tony Wimbush in a time of 19 hours 43 minutes.

The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Dark Peak Fell Runners. The team members were Oli Johnson, Stuart Walker and Laurence Piercy with a combined time of 37 hrs 34 minutes.

In 2022 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.

The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were Win or lose we’ll have some booze. The team members were Matt Neale, Paul Nelson, Adrian Martin and Paul Walker with a combined time of 46 hrs 33 minutes.

The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. In 2022, this award was presented to Megan and Thomas of Keighley Network.

The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In 2022 the Fellsman Committee have taken the decision to present this award to a number of teams and individuals for their dedication and services to the Fellsman, in some cases for over 40 years. In lieu of a physical trophy, each recipient will nominate a charity, to which a donation will be made in their name.

Firstly, this year sees the retirement of a team of volunteers who have manned various checkpoints on the event since the 70’s but for many years they have greeted you at the highest, windiest and most remote roadside checkpoint on the event – the Hobblers Inn – with shelter, hots drinks, and a mean bean stew. The Fleet Moss Checkpoint Team are, I’m sure entrants will agree, very worthy recipients of this award, and they will be missed.

We would also like to recognise the invaluable contribution made by the Fellsman Safety team, individuals who most of you will never see, as they perform critical duties providing sweeps between the checkpoints to ensure that all entrants are safely off the hills and checking information recorded at each checkpoint to ensure everyone has been accounted for. This year John Kirk, the long-standing lead of Yorkshire Sweep Team made the difficult decision to retire from the event, although we are pleased to say that he has left his sweep duties in the very safe hands of his son, Iain. Likewise, our rear safety check team, Paul Hughes and John Monkiewicz have also taken the decision to retire after many years of incredible service to the event handing over the reins to a new team. Finally, we would like to recognise a current member of West Midlands Sweep Team, Martin Ramsey, who continues to support this event every year providing much valued experience and advice to both new members of the safety team and the Fellsman committee.

The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is normally a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. However in 2022 the Fellsman Committee have taken the decision to award this trophy to all those Fellsman entrants and volunteers we have lost since the 2019 event – individuals who loved the Fellsman and couldn’t wait to be back on the fells with us:

  • Terry Butterworth
  • Colin Banks
  • Mandy Ramsey

I know there will be others, who we have not named, that should join this list. This award is also for them. Please let us know if you know of someone we should add.

Fleet Moss checkpoint Team

Fleet Moss Checkpoint Team pictured here in 2012 outside the Hobblers Inn (photo courtesy of Andrew Clough)

Entrants Completing 58th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Oli JohnsonDark Peak Fell Runners04711:23
1Damian Hall19811:23
3Samuel Skinner06012:07
4Fiona Pascall09512:08
5James White10012:26
6Stuart WalkerDark Peak Fell Runners00112:27
7Matt Bennett08912:52
7Barney Plummer15012:52
9Tim Campbell01813:02
10Philip Withnall15113:30
10Peter DarwoodHarriers Half-Cocked29013:30
12Mark Burley10213:43
13Ben Timbers10413:45
13Sam Downey11013:45
15Zach Jennings00213:55
15Adam Worrallo07913:55
15Laurence PiercyDark Peak Fell Runners17813:55
18Alistair Shuttleworth16814:03
19Hugh Watkin02614:08
19Matt NealeWin or lose we'll have some booze20714:08
21Ben Laverick05414:36
21Ben SheppardHarriers Half-Cocked13314:36
21Ian Magee19214:36
24Patrick Kingston05714:51
25Matt Tomkins25015:01
25Jack Gribbin26515:01
27Timothy Martin22015:20
28Lewis Deane01215:23
28Andy Quicke02415:23
28Simon Coplestone11315:23
28James Hewitt13515:23
28Derek Fuller26215:23
33Paul NelsonWin or lose we'll have some booze16115:27
33Martin TerryNorthern Socks26615:27
35James Quigley02115:34
35James Turner11415:34
35David Hanna16015:34
35Claire Nance22415:34
39Steph Dwyer16315:38
40Jane MccarthyHarriers Half-Cocked09015:55
40Kate ArcherHarriers Half-Cocked26415:55
42Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders08616:14
43Jon Moulding22716:18
44Ben Clithero05816:56
45Ashok Gurung02716:58
45Adrian MartinWin or lose we'll have some booze20016:58
47Jeremy Terry15817:33
48Aidan Harington09117:35
48Julian BrownNorthern Socks20817:35
50Tim Grimwood05517:36
51Simon Pass05617:40
51Kendra Wedgwood06617:40
51Karen NashNorthern Socks16217:40
51Andrew EllwoodNorthern Socks19317:40
51Mark Collinson25217:40
56Richard Everson28517:47
57Andrew Haworth13617:56
57Peter Riley13717:56
59David Harrison17018:10
60Tom Baker20518:26
61Gary Chapman26118:53
62Stuart Hayton04918:58
62Mike Bottom17218:58
62Gary Bradley18918:58
65Tony Wimbush12219:43
65Charles Colbourn14719:43
67Glyn Sawford23019:48
68Alexander Kinnaird09719:57
69Ian Warrington03019:58
69Fiona Lynch03519:58
69Neil Swan07319:58
69John Donaldson13919:58
69Heather Ford28819:58
74Simon Brearley19520:01
75Nick Burns11920:05
76Paul Ellis20120:26
76Nicholas Moore24420:26
78Gary Findlay01420:48
78Philip Brown03120:48
78Jack Fairbrother04220:48
78Sally Hicks06720:48
78Andy Collings07720:48
78James Kermode10620:48
78Terry Brewster14920:48
78Trudy Morrice21520:48
86David Ralphs12020:49
86Katherine Sutton12620:49
88Richard Harris12120:53
89David Milton02821:06
90Adrian Warner22321:09
91Andrew Norman21721:31
91Sarah Norman21821:31
93Douglas Alsop00721:41
93David Speake22221:41
95Liz Lawton02521:53
95Matthew Garnett08421:53
95Jack Talbot11821:53
95Darren Gillman20421:53
95Dave Arnold27221:53
100Kevin Bowen28322:39
101Stuart Woodall00322:50
101Noel Urwin23222:50
101Alex Shirreff24022:50
104Simon Hewitt24222:57
104James Aird26022:57
104Sarah Jones27822:57
107Alan Li05923:10
107Steve Renny23323:10
107Johnathan Russell23823:10
110Dave Hunt20923:21
110Tara Aird25923:21
112Michael Cottam06923:22
112Andy Hindson18023:22
114Neil Drake12423:28
114Karen Higuera16723:28
116Martyn Rayner01923:44
117Bernard Corfe16424:12
117Colin Stark23924:12
119James Adair15624:42
120Jill Harsent11624:59
121Ian HarrymanWilmington Trail Finders07625:18
122Gerry Moore14326:24
123Steven Jones22526:27
124Alan Anderson21426:28
125Alan Simpson21026:39
125Francesca Jeffery28226:39
127Sara Ordway07826:51
128Chris Coghlan03326:58
128Paul Haynes27726:58
130Marla Howard-CuttsCover Girls25327:18
130Jane MatthewsCover Girls25427:18
132Karsten Wedgewood12827:34
132Patrick Wedgewood13227:34
134Edwin Tate25128:03

Entrants Unable To Complete 58th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Mark KerryKingsdale20612.4
David BellKingsdale04512.4
Craig MorganKingsdale17712.4
Tim PerryKingsdale11712.4
Ian BrazierKingsdale14812.4
Victoria MorrisDent28720.5
Albert SunterDent05020.5
Matthew HaworthDent13820.5
Jonathan JacksonDent11220.5
Matthew Clayton-SteadDent09920.5
Carl WillcockDent00920.5
Michelle HincksDent01020.5
Ted AdamskiDent00820.5
Matt ShieldsDent03420.5
Neil HennDent04320.5
Peter WilkieStonehouse26827.8
Jann SmithStonehouse19027.8
Chris CatchpoleStonehouse21227.8
Richard HurdleStonehouse18627.8
Barbara ClaytonStonehouse14427.8
Mark ClaytonStonehouse14527.8
Al PepperStonehouse24727.8
Robert WalkerStonehouse05127.8
Yuko MartinStonehouse20327.8
Graham PhillipsRedshaw26932.1
Paul WalkerRedshaw18732.1
David StannardRedshaw28632.1
Chris AldersonRedshaw14232.1
Chris PittawayRedshaw17332.1
John WigensRedshaw06132.1
Ollie HemstockFleetmoss11137.7
Neil CarterFleetmoss07237.7
Mark StoreyFleetmoss03937.7
Hayley LomasFleetmoss12337.7
Debbie StevensFleetmoss28437.7
Benedict LeighFleetmoss27037.7
Mark SammonFleetmoss14037.7
Guy EvansFleetmoss00637.7
Mark DaltonFleetmoss09237.7
Roger AndrewsFleetmoss25637.7
Roger MussonFleetmoss28137.7
Ian StephensonCray27544.8
Steve SweeneyCray10944.8
Ben CowardCray04444.8
Carl HammalCray08144.8
William WhitfieldCray02944.8
Patrick BarryCray25744.8
Tony GriffinCray25844.8
Ralf GuscottCray07444.8
Daniel HartCray08844.8
Gareth HarrisonCray04844.8
Christine BensonCray25544.8
Emma BeveridgeCray15744.8
Yvonne WilliamsCray15944.8
Wilfred BellCray24544.8
Nicholas KeyCray07144.8
Paul GlynnCray01344.8
Eric CittanovaCray00544.8
Peter OwenCray09644.8
Nick ReedCray10844.8
Fiona BennettCray17444.8
John DallyCray17544.8
Adam WilcockCray27644.8
Adam MicklethwaiteCray15344.8
Philip ChastonCray08044.8
Aaron DouglasCray18544.8
Paul LuckraftCray23744.8
Marcin KrzysztofikPark Rash21150.5
Russell ThomasPark Rash08350.5
Simon RobertsonPark Rash07550.5

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