51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2018

The Fellsman results from 2018


  • 444 Entrants entered the event (including 26 who withdrew before the event)
  • 77 Non-starters
  • 341 Started the event
  • 80 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 261 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 56th Event (2018)

  • The winner of the Fellsman Axe was Neil Talbott with a time of 11 hrs 16 minutes.
  • The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Jessica Richardson with a time of 14 hrs 01 minutes.
  • The winner of the Tregoning Cup is Neil Talbott with a time of 11 hrs 16 minutes.
  • The winner of the Levy Trophy is Simon Pass of 3rd Shipley – St. Peter’s with a time of 14 hrs 30 minutes.
  • The winner of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 is Simon Bayliss in a time of 14 hrs 31 minutes.
  • The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Peter Chapman in a time of 14 hrs 32 minutes.
  • In 2016 a veteran of the event, Stuart Thompson, donated a new trophy – The Old Kids Award – for the fastest entrant over the age of 70. The winner of the award in 2018 is Terry Butterworth in a time of 19 hours 35 minutes.
  • The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were The 8:14 from Threshfield. The team members were Neil Talbott, Stuart Walker and Tom Gibbs with a combined time of 35 hrs 13 minutes.
  • In 2018 the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield, was won by iScouts. The team members were Suzanne Carter and Jonathan Carter from the Keighley Scout Service Network, Carmine de Grandis from 1st Rural Roughton – North East Norfolk District and David Russell from Crossroads Scouts. Their combined time was 71 hrs 41 minutes.
  • The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were Silver Surfers. The team members were Karen Nash, Mark Hartell, Julian Brown, Rick Ansell, Martin Dietrich and Phil Hodgson with a combined time of 50 hrs 26 minutes.
  • The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. In 2018 the award is presented to Jake Carpenter. More details to follow shortly.
  • The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In 2018 the award is presented Mr Gordon Ramsay for his many years of dedicated service to the Fellsman. More details to follow shortly.
  • The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. In 2018, this award was presented to Alex Kinnaird and Kat Godzicz of Cobbydale Venture Unit. More details to follow shortly.

Entrants Completing 56th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Neil TalbottThe 8-14 from Threshfield04711:16
2Stuart WalkerThe 8-14 from Threshfield17111:44
3Lawrence EcclesThe Three Muskateers23211:56
4Tom GibbsThe 8-14 from Threshfield31612:13
5Simon BourneThe Three Muskateers24412:22
5Stewart BellamyThe Three Muskateers39612:22
7Andrew Ward22112:28
8David Chetta34712:32
9Nick Green00512:36
9Mike Sellors32212:36
9Barney Nikolich32312:36
12Philip WithnallLonsdale Fell Runners + Imposter08513:15
12Ben Sheppard24913:15
14Scott Smith04913:31
15Matt Neale19713:32
15Hugh Watkin21013:32
17Joe HobbsLonsdale Fell Runners + Imposter26613:56
18Jessica Richardson07514:01
19Bob Johnston26314:13
20Carol Morgan28314:19
20Allan Mckeown33714:19
20Robert Henderson40314:19
23Simon Pass00614:30
24Simon Bayliss17514:31
25Peter Watson12114:32
25Peter Chapman33614:32
27Nick Sanders10914:33
28Glyn Collen15514:38
29Tim Woodier15014:46
30Christopher Chambers01714:47
31Stuart Hyslop16315:10
32Andrew Britton25415:11
33Mike Clayton25515:16
33Mike Bottomley38115:16
35Ben Whitfield17215:32
35Duncan Platt20115:32
37Mike Burke38715:37
38Steve Rhodes15915:45
39Robert Smith12716:22
39Jon Moulding15416:22
39Paul Bennett21316:22
39Karl Winkler32516:22
43Alwyn Nixon30916:26
44David Ashby36216:33
45Rachel Slattery37416:35
46Karen NashSilver Surfers34916:38
47Nick Keen01516:40
47Lee Shimwell29216:40
47Daniel Miller29916:40
50Rebecca Howard27616:42
51John Osborne41016:44
52Mark HartellSilver Surfers16716:52
52Lewis Deane30216:52
54Edward Poulter22216:55
55Julian BrownSilver Surfers28516:56
56Mark Pearson15616:57
56Patrick Brien19316:57
58Dominic Pascoe12317:06
58Akos Revesz19417:06
58Mark Ruston21617:06
61Dave Orbinson06217:17
61Maria Cook06417:17
61Chris Usher13217:17
61Bridget Glaister35517:17
65Jamie Mcilvenny04117:52
65Mick Dobson06917:52
67Fiona Lynch02417:58
67Michelle Hetherington05117:58
67Maddie Robinson05317:58
67Mark Storey08717:58
67Nathan Britton21517:58
67David Dixon31517:58
67Dave Milton35917:58
74Colin Williams04418:03
74Rick AnsellSilver Surfers31418:03
76Martin Thomerson08818:07
76Simon Robertson10118:07
78Jenny YeoDerwent Valley RC06718:10
78Adam MalloyDerwent Valley RC07618:10
78Mark MarchantDerwent Valley RC08118:10
78Peter StoreyDerwent Valley RC09118:10
78Paul BrungerDerwent Valley RC09418:10
83Darren Coates07118:13
83David Roy08318:13
83Alison Mawson12418:13
83Paul Scott12618:13
83John Brierley32418:13
83Mike ErnillThe Lostockers32918:13
83Tony MarlowThe Lostockers33118:13
83Albert SunterThe Lostockers37718:13
91Sam Meeson-Frizelle25018:26
91Jeremy Terry25118:26
91Stuart Russell32818:26
94Barbara Clayton40718:28
95Kevin Gard08618:31
95James Lightbown21718:31
95Colm O'cofaigh26818:31
98Alan Dorrington02218:34
98Andrew Armstrong27218:34
98Marco Skogh27818:34
98Garth De Roux36818:34
102David Cummins40118:36
103Russell Thomas11718:40
103Andy Heading37018:40
103Amanda Heading38418:40
106Bruce Hunter09318:45
106Danny Walls35418:45
106Tom Downes39218:45
109Mick Cottam00719:27
109Debbie Cooper26119:27
109Daryl Bentley26219:27
112Lawrence Brennan16019:31
112Carmine De GrandisCrossroads Scouts39019:31
114Sue Marshall33219:33
114Melanie Steventon40019:33
116Terry Butterworth05519:35
117Mike Roberts10819:41
117Catriona Purdy12519:41
117James Knowling14419:41
117Simon Redshaw36519:41
117Martyn Hewitt41319:41
122Steven Jones02120:01
123Leigh Marshall14220:06
123Kyle Armstrong18320:06
125Colin Ward22420:16
125Brian Thompson24220:16
125Henry Morris39420:16
128Gary Findlay03420:28
128Dave Rowell07820:28
128Dan Milton17620:28
131Nick BurnsLonsdale Fell Runners + Imposter07420:34
131Aaron Douglas10520:34
131Kate Briggs15120:34
131Neil Drake28620:34
135Peter Smith37520:37
136Edwin Tate37620:41
137Ben Lonsdale20820:46
138Michael Bradley17321:31
138Paul Brewster18021:31
138Graeme Maidment27121:31
138Andy Blackburne30821:31
138Terry Hensby31321:31
138Mark Reynolds36621:31
138Anthony Bunce36721:31
145Ian Mercer30021:32
146Ian Stephenson22621:34
146John Spooner30121:34
148Alistair Gillan29721:43
148Julian Catmull31921:43
150Edwin Sherstone30721:49
151Gavin Coventry01321:55
151Brett Edgeworth17821:55
151Louise Arnison18721:55
151Tim Parker25221:55
155Stuart Thompson39822:00
156Rebecca Fryer09822:01
156Sarah Jones31022:01
158Jim Maxfield03022:18
158David Ralphs05222:18
158Kayleigh Ralphs06122:18
161Daniel Nute31122:28
161Graham Darmont31222:28
163Katie Godfrey24822:29
164Jane Carpenter14722:33
164Hayley Lomas20022:33
164David Hetherington22522:33
164David Vezey23822:33
168Sarah Jones-Morris09922:35
168Anne Beresford19922:35
168Steve Burgess23922:35
168Steve Sanders27922:35
172Sam Martlew35022:46
173Stephen Mccann14922:47
174Ted Adamski02022:55
174Robert Hemingway18422:55
174Alisa Cherry18522:55
174Dawn Comerie19122:55
174Daniel Mudd20222:55
174David Buckley23722:55
174Lee Wales28722:55
174James O'Sullivan32022:55
182Ian Harryman19523:32
183Ian France06823:41
184James Black05023:49
184John Vernon24623:49
186Kevin Bowen31723:50
187Lloyd Richard Bolton05723:53
188John Nunn16623:54
188Daniel Riley30323:54
190Andy Lawrence06623:56
190Andrew Heaney21923:56
190Gerry Moore38923:56
193Mark Dalton11424:02
193David Toth11824:02
193Jo Barrett29624:02
193Emily Beaumont35824:02
197Jane Matthews13024:03
197Marla Howard-Cutts13624:03
197Paul Cooper33024:03
197Cassie Colvin34024:03
201Mike Lemin30524:11
201Ben Smith32624:11
203Xavier Chaduc15724:19
203Paul Calderbank23624:19
203Ian Cross25824:19
206Stephen Mcnamara14824:58
206Nick Webb20924:58
206Josh Groves-Waller34624:58
206Kevin Pearson35724:58
206Mark Riley41224:58
211Peter AdamsRolls Royce Harriers38825:14
212Steve LeachRolls Royce Harriers17425:15
212Cliff CooperRolls Royce Harriers21425:15
214Allan PollockRolls Royce Harriers20425:18
215Peter Beddows21825:52
215Kath Percival23425:52
217Dick Scroop22325:53
218John Bell11125:57
218Paul Kitson20625:57
218Jaqueline Peaks26525:57
221Jonathan CarterCrossroads Scouts40426:05
221Suzanne CarterCrossroads Scouts40526:05
223Heather Milligan05426:06
223Simon Milligan05826:06
223William Gibson07226:06
223Louisa Rodriguez27726:06
223Alexander Firmin37226:06
228Darren Gillman13726:07
228Katie Samuelson13826:07
230Dan Kidd34126:13
230Linda Chilton34326:13
232James Rosengarten23326:19
232Jonathan Evans24326:19
234Dave Hughes18126:23
235Kendra Wedgwood09626:29
235Julie Mcpheat09726:29
235Sera Roberts11526:29
235James Tempest11626:29
235Phil Tempest14626:29
240Gary Daniels19226:39
240Philip Musson24526:39
242Paul Mcauliffe01426:51
242Ivon Whitmore12226:51
242Alan Hatton29426:51
242Stephen Hatton29526:51
242Fred Streatfield38626:51
247John Wigens00827:19
247John DallyLonsdale Fell Runners + Imposter03527:19
247Katy Rehal07327:19
247Sharon Skidmore09227:19
247Jill Harsent10727:19
247Gareth Harrison39727:19
253Katy Hall02828:03
253Trevor Burton02928:03
253Catherine Hill03928:03
253Carol Young37328:03
257Nick Pointon03828:47
257William Gourlay04528:47
259Sam Dean02628:50
259Ed Corbett04028:50
261Andrew Fowler39128:52

Entrants Unable To Complete 56th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Tony ThorntonKingsdale38512.4
Stephen WhitelockKingsdale01012.4
Josie GreenhalghDent38020.5
Lee BodellDent26720.5
John MintaDent10220.5
Jonathan WoodDent04320.5
David BellDent08920.5
Alex BucklandDent32720.5
Adam HowardDent37820.5
Phil HodgsonDent16220.5
Nick HamDent32120.5
Richard HindDent37120.5
Jim MastersStonehouse22727.8
Emma HopkinsonStonehouse41727.8
Ben QuineyStonehouse34527.8
Sven HarrisStonehouse20727.8
Adam HarperStonehouse01627.8
Fran JefferyStonehouse36927.8
Ralf GuscottStonehouse35227.8
Nancy BunyanStonehouse22027.8
Robert BryanStonehouse25327.8
John OrmerodStonehouse25927.8
Jeff StevensStonehouse39527.8
Paul HarsentStonehouse26027.8
Alan GrayStonehouse41527.8
Sandy GeeStonehouse35327.8
Iain KirkStonehouse01827.8
Sarah StephensonStonehouse18627.8
Patrick WedgewoodStonehouse39927.8
Karsten WedgewoodStonehouse07727.8
James RobertsonStonehouse24027.8
Stephen HodgkinsStonehouse39327.8
Simon CoplestoneRedshaw33832.1
Martin DietrichRedshaw38332.1
Andy JoynsonRedshaw04832.1
Tim JoynsonRedshaw11332.1
Alan WrightRedshaw33532.1
Matthew KirbyRedshaw38232.1
Keith John BellRedshaw15232.1
David RussellRedshaw23532.1
Jess PalmerRedshaw14532.1
Gordon TealRedshaw28832.1
Graham PhillipsRedshaw36032.1
Paul GlynnRedshaw02332.1
Steve CoeyRedshaw40832.1
Richard DaviesRedshaw03332.1
Alan NashRedshaw12032.1
Sam HarrisonFleetmoss22937.7
James HingleyFleetmoss40937.7
Nathan CrossleyFleetmoss27437.7
Ros BlackmoreFleetmoss19837.7
Mandy GothFleetmoss20337.7
Jennifer GarsideFleetmoss41637.7
Jim GarsideFleetmoss41437.7
Neill BoultonFleetmoss24137.7
Chris DaviesCray41844.8
Robert ShawCray36144.8
Matthew BrennanCray11944.8
Terry BrewsterCray21144.8
Rob FrodshamCray00944.8
Amanda FrodshamCray01144.8
Sara OrdwayCray23044.8
Thomas HollinsCray25744.8
James ScarrCray31844.8
Philip ChastonCray07944.8
Lev BabievCray08044.8
Lisa SammonsCray29344.8
Eric StreetCray19644.8
Mark HodsonCray35644.8
Aubrey PowellCray03644.8
Christopher ParryCray33444.8
Kevin JohnstonCray33344.8
Simon WhalleyCray08244.8
Derek WigglesworthCray28444.8
Luis BrozCray05944.8
Roma HaighCray12844.8
Adrian GoslingCray16444.8
Jo DixonCray03744.8
Christopher FieldingPark Rash25650.5
Gareth BradshawPark Rash29850.5