51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2023

The Fellsman results from 2023


  • 310 Entrants entered the event (including 15 who withdrew before the event start)
  • 48 Non-starters
  • 247 Started the event
  • 50 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 2 Entrants were disqualified for rule infringement
  • 195 Entrants finished the event.

Trophy Winners For The 59th Event (2023)

The winner of the Fellsman Axe, for the second year running, is Oli Johnson with a time of 11 hrs 24 minutes.

The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Claire Nance with a time of 13 hrs 56 minutes.

The winner of the Tregoning Cup is James Parsons with a time of 13 hrs 15 minutes.

The winner of the Levy Trophy is Simon Pass of 3rd Shipley St Peters with a time of 16 hrs 24 minutes.

The joint winners of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 are Jason Livesey and Damian Elsdon with a time of 14 hrs 25 minutes.

The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Paul Tynan in a time of 16 hrs 15 minutes.

The winner of the The Old Kids Award for the fastest entrant over the age of 70 is Ted Adamski in a time of 27 hours 20 minutes.

Team trophies are awarded based on the combined time of the first three members to arrive in Threshfield:

The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Penny Lane Peglegs. The team members were Rory Harris, Lawrence Eccles, Maria Cook and Ben Turner with a combined time of 39 hrs 10 minutes.

In 2023 there were no qualifying teams for the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield.

The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were Lequipe de Randonnee Paresseux. The team members were Karen Nash, Stephanie Wood, Julian Brown, Robert Gittins, Albert Sunter and Toney Donnelly with a combined time of 50 hrs 50 minutes.

The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. In 2022, this award was presented to 5th / 8th Kendal Scouts for their sterling work on the Kingsdale checkpoint.

The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In lieu of a physical trophy, each recipient will nominate a charity, to which a donation will be made in their name. – To be updated shortly.

The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is normally a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who typifies Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. Usually we present this based on the actions of an individual or group of individuals during the most recent event. If you know someone who deserves this award for their actions during the 2023 Fellsman please nominate them using the Contact form or emailing the fellsman email account directly.

Entrants Completing 59th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Oli Johnson18811:24
2Rory HarrisPenny Lane Peglegs28511:46
3James Parsons00512:11
3Philip WithnallLonsdale Fell Runners16612:11
5Tim Campbell12212:34
6Lawrence EcclesPenny Lane Peglegs09312:44
7Douglas Zinis27212:50
8Ben Timbers23413:08
9Tom LynchOtley AC DC14613:15
10James Wynne05813:27
11Christopher Bartlett16313:56
11Claire NanceLonsdale Fell Runners24113:56
13Jason Livesey01314:35
13Oliver RichardsOtley AC DC06114:35
13Damian Elsdon27414:35
16Maria CookPenny Lane Peglegs25914:40
17Kevin Walker17515:06
18Chris Mawdsley26815:09
18Lee Shimwell27815:09
20Victoria Morris06715:18
20Katherine Klunder26915:18
20Lee Walker30015:18
23David Jackson04615:19
23Rory Bennett06015:19
23Ben TurnerPenny Lane Peglegs07115:19
26Tim Grimwood04715:23
27Paul TynanLonsdale Fell Runners08216:15
28Nicola Richards06816:18
28Karen NashLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux18116:18
28Kenneth MurphyLonsdale Fell Runners27316:18
31Terry BrewsterThe Sandbaggers01816:21
31Simon Pass09416:21
31Jerry Coll23116:21
31Peter Heald26216:21
35Stefan Kozlowski07216:29
35Tom Parkin23316:29
37James Hoar16716:43
37Tim Straughan19916:43
37John Donaldson25616:43
37James Quigley28116:43
41Brian Hainsworth01116:49
42Tom Murrin28316:56
43Emily Gay12117:03
44Jennie Stevens00617:04
44Keith Stronach00717:04
44Kevin Plummer29217:04
44Mark Collinson31017:04
48Andy Kirk04917:16
48Stephanie WoodLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux17417:16
48Stephen Boy17617:16
48Martin Dove18917:16
48Julian BrownLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux24617:16
48Robert GittinsLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux25117:16
54Sally Hicks00817:39
54Jonatan PinkseLonsdale Fell Runners07517:39
54Stuart Woodall29617:39
57Phil Pennill13717:44
57Paul Nelson24717:44
57Jamie Hancock30517:44
60Michael Wilding24417:54
61Gary Bradley17717:55
62Simon Atkins13218:14
63Andrew Merrick02418:18
63Dick Waddington07718:18
65Matthew Snarr14918:38
65Jeremy Terry15118:38
65Jamie Roberts17818:38
65Sam Meeson-Frizelle29918:38
69Helen Rennie08918:44
69Jim Preston19318:44
71Steve Sweeney27518:46
72Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders08618:50
72Brian Melia28818:50
74Malin Hamnered04418:54
74Akos ReveszWilmington Trail Finders09918:54
74Guy Rogers17218:54
77Albert SunterLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux21919:00
77Toney DonnellyLequipe de Randonnee Paresseux22019:00
79Dave WilbyAin't no montane high enough21119:05
79James TiffanyAin't no montane high enough21219:05
81Adam Bridges01419:07
81Carl Hammal11019:07
81Lee Murphy15619:07
81Steven Hill25219:07
85Ian BrazierThe Sandbaggers01019:19
85Colin HarperThe Sandbaggers01519:19
87Iain Prentice19119:20
88Phil Scarf21719:21
88Jackie Scarf21819:21
90Ian Warrington05319:22
90Paul Jennings09219:22
90Fiona Lynch12519:22
90Steven Renny19019:22
90Graham Stevens19219:22
90Neil Swan23519:22
90Debbie Stevens24019:22
90Matthew Haworth28619:22
98Adrian Gill01919:30
98Pete SissonsAin't no montane high enough26319:30
98Bob AddeyAin't no montane high enough26419:30
98Harry Noad29719:30
102Adam Wilcock05619:38
102Ryan Campbell07619:38
104Mark Brooks12819:43
104Karen Fronteras12919:43
104Kevin Lofts13019:43
107Peter Reilly21319:52
108Louise Beetlestone18020:11
109Håkan Terelius06920:37
109Tora Philp07020:37
111Matthew Clayton-Stead23620:38
112Mark Swift04320:42
112Adam Rudys30120:42
114Steve Glaze05420:46
114David Milton20920:46
114Ian Haslett26720:46
117Simon Robertson00420:48
117Charles Colbourn16820:48
117Claire Shaw16920:48
120Simon Bray04020:49
121Martyn Rayner03420:55
122Anna Maciejkowicz27021:04
123Edwin Tate11621:07
124Gary Findlay03321:09
125Gareth Harrison12621:25
126Craig Perkins00921:26
126Kim Braznell15321:26
126Wendy Leete15421:26
129Alan AndersonThe Sandbaggers02221:32
130Rebecca Brennan19521:42
130Ashley Ward22821:42
132Abby RobertsonCavers With A Running Problem10021:44
132Glenn CostinCavers With A Running Problem10121:44
132Meriel WhiteCavers With A Running Problem11121:44
132Rob Evason16221:44
136Kevin Pearson27621:48
137Sara Ordway02121:56
138Wayne Patrick01222:00
139Steven Jeff15922:05
140Stuart Clarkson04822:11
141John Ball30922:15
142Michael Cottam11422:16
143George Yates14822:20
143Michael Priestman16422:20
145Neil Drake17022:21
145Alex Grovit30422:21
147David Buckley22122:22
147Murraigh Mcdonald22422:22
149Matthew Adamson14322:25
149Lee Bodell14422:25
151Tony Griffin00122:34
152Ralf Guscott04522:37
153Ian France06222:51
154Antoinette Wintin09722:57
155Paul McwhinneyCavers With A Running Problem11523:02
156Sarah Jones-Morris11923:12
156Steve Sanders28923:12
158Ben Coward01623:21
159Roger Andrews13323:43
160Neil Carter07923:47
161Andrew VowellWilmington Trail Finders21424:25
162Ian HarrymanWilmington Trail Finders15524:35
162Xavier Chaduc16124:35
162Ian Cross25524:35
162Sarah Smith29324:35
166Tony Hobbs02024:49
166John Edwards02824:49
168John Wigens05524:51
169Annette Clarke06325:18
169Charles Bogg06525:18
171Simon Grimshaw21525:31
171Ben Thomas24825:31
173Richard Townsend30325:41
174Eric Cittanova00225:46
174Nicholas Key03825:46
174Nick Baker20525:46
174Chris James20625:46
178Mark Georgeson03225:55
179Sarah Ledbury29426:43
179Alex Ledbury29526:43
181Ted Adamski05027:20
181Tim Ryan12327:20
181Dave Stannard13627:20
181Silvia Delgado Ortiz22727:20
181John Barry25027:20
181Ian Bonnell30227:20
187Paul Glynn09127:31
188Sally Parkin18427:46
188John Parkin18527:46
188Angela Drakeford27927:46
191Gareth Harrison04128:07
191Richard Davies04228:07
191Adrian Gosling12428:07
191Alistair Hornsby15828:07
191Andy Green19428:07

Entrants Unable To Complete 59th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
John SerjeantIngleton3080
Nick HamKingsdale11812.4
Stefan AdamskiKingsdale5112.4
James ButterworthKingsdale18712.4
Jeff StevensKingsdale30612.4
David BellDent3520.5
Will CheneryDent17920.5
Elizabeth RaynerDent2620.5
Richard FirthStonehouse26027.8
Tom KayeStonehouse26127.8
William GibsonStonehouse19827.8
Lynn HathawayStonehouse12727.8
Jim RussellStonehouse29827.8
Johnathan RussellStonehouse21627.8
Graham PhillipsStonehouse28027.8
Richard HirstStonehouse8327.8
Dave NicholsRedshaw20232.1
Peter HeywoodRedshaw7332.1
Oliver HagueRedshaw22932.1
Hayley LomasRedshaw14532.1
John DallyRedshaw5232.1
Mark ChildrenFleetmoss14237.7
Fiona GlenFleetmoss13837.7
Georgina WilkinsFleetmoss15037.7
Simon DeanFleetmoss20337.7
Anna StavrinidesFleetmoss22337.7
Steven GorelikFleetmoss20037.7
Edward CorbettFleetmoss20837.7
Nick BurnsDeepdale8540
Keith BellDeepdale8840
Ben ThompsonDeepdale9540
Nick BakerDeepdale10640
Maciej OgÇürekCray24244.8
Toby WhiteCray10844.8
Rob RaynerCray24344.8
Graham LakeCray2544.8
Mark StoreyCray8744.8
Kevin ClarkCray29144.8
Rebecca LaneCray25444.8
Patrick BarryCray26644.8
Mark ClaytonCray19644.8
Barbara ClaytonCray19744.8
Fiona JenkinsonCray25344.8
Andrew PhillipCray20744.8
Ishmael BurdeauCray14044.8
Georgina BurdeauCray14144.8
Alex StavrinidesCray22244.8
Dave ArnoldCray23844.8
Bill JohnsonPark Rash30750.5
Tim PickeringPark Rash350.5

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