As more of the historic results become available the menu links will be activated. Thanks to the generosity of Mr R.A. Feather, Mr M. Watson, Mr E. Barron, Mr T. Adamski, and Mr D Pettit, we are now only outstanding results for the first Fellsman event in 1962 and those from 1967 (6th Fellsman), 1968 (7th Fellsman), 1975 (14th Fellsman) and 1976 (15th Fellsman). If anyone is able to help us with these we would be extremely grateful.

We are currently compiling a list of trophy winners and winners times from each event and will publish them in due course.

Even though the 2001 event had to be cancelled due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic, the organisers decided to count it as a postponement rather than a cancellation, therefore allowing the 40th event to be held the following year.