The Event
Rules and General Information


The rules below are enforced to ensure everyone’s safety. Please read these carefully before entering the event.

The rules are regularly reviewed by the organisers and are therefore subject to change. Entrants, including veterans, are therefore strongly advised to carefully read the rules prior to each event.


Navigate point to point around the Fellsman Route by foot ONLY, passing through and being recorded (clipped and scanned tally) at each checkpoint. Complete the route in the fastest time and within the 31 hour time limit.



Entries must be made through the online entry booking system Si Entries. ALL the information requested must be supplied. Incomplete entry submissions may be rejected.

The individual winners of last year’s trophies are invited to defend their respective trophies and will be allocated a place on the event on receipt of their completed entry form and fee, prior to the closing date.

The Fellsman is operated by Keighley Scout Service Network and is run as a not-for-profit event. The event has a lot of overheads therefore the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if insufficient entries are secured by the cut-off date 18/03/2024.

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis with a waiting list being operated by SiEnteries. Entries received after the entry limit has been reached will be returned and all monies refunded.

Entries will be charged an entry fee of £95. The entry fee includes:

  • hot food and refreshments around the route (the Fellsman is referred to in legend as one giant picnic in the Dales!)
  • transport from checkpoints back to the finish at Threshfield in the event of retirement
  • accommodation facilities at the start and finish
  • car parking at the finish
  • a hot meal on your return to the finish
  • all P&P as required
  • hire of live tracking equipment for the duration of the event
  • a PDF of the event handbook
  • your iconic Fellsman tally which tracks your progress around the route
  • a commemorative item of clothing/equipment
  • a donation to the Friends of the Three Peaks Campaign

  1. Be aged 18 or over on the day of the event.
    N.B It is a legal requirement that you supply your date of birth on the entry form. Failure to do so will result in your entry being returned.
  2. Register at the start before 08.00 hours on the day of the event.
  3. Be clipped and scanned on to the start field by 8:20 ready for 8:30 start.


The transferring of places. In the event of any entrant being unable to compete, the Event Administrator must be informed. Entrants must not pass an entry onto another person without notifying the Organisers. Doing so places significant risk on the recipient of the place as the Organisers will not have accurate health and contact details for them. Fees will be refunded up to 18th March 2024, less a small administration charge. After this date no refunds will be given


The tally is your personal and safety check card and will be marked and scanned at each checkpoint around the route. If rendered unusable, will result in disqualification. Tallies are hole punched at each checkpoint passed and are collected at the end of the route to indicate completion / return / withdrawal as appropriate. Tallies are returned to entrants by post shortly after the event and make a wonder souvenir of your achievements.

All entrants are also issued with GPS tracking devices for additional safety.


Entrant car parking is available. This is located at Threshfield Old Quarry (please follow the Yellow and Black signs on the B6265).

A free shuttle bus operates between the car park and the school (finish HQ location).

There are no facilities for parking any vehicles in the vicinity of the school or the camping field. Entrants are reminded that parking on verges / roadsides / driveways around the event start/finish locations is not permitted. In doing so, future events may be jeopardised.

Any entrants’ vehicles arriving at Ingleton cannot be taken to Threshfield by any of the Fellsman staff. Please Note: car parking at Ingleton is limited Pay and Display parking only.


Coaches will leave Threshfield(finish) periodically from 5:30am prompt on Saturday. The fare is £11 payable with your entry fee. Upon booking/check-in on Friday night at Threshfield, you will be notified of your allocated time slot. Seats must be reserved.

N.B Transport is not provided from Threshfield (finish) to Ingleton (start) after you finish.


Vegetarian options are available for all meals and all checkpoints – please check the vegetarian option box on the entry form if you would like to order these.

Some vegan options are also available – please contact the Organisers to discuss these.

All the checkpoints that serve hot food will have a hot gluten-free option (even if only cuppa soup!) – please see catering page for details.

N.B If you have a special dietary requirement, please get in touch to discuss options with our Catering Co-ordinator.


  • The organiser’s decision is final and no responsibility for any mishap or injury sustained during the event can be accepted.
  • The right to incorporate additional rules as deemed necessary is retained. These will be displayed at the start, finish and relevant checkpoints.
  • No waiting time will be allowed whilst taking refreshments or resting at any checkpoint.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the Fellsman.



In order to speed up checking in at the start it is advised that entrants have their kit checked prior to the event where possible. Kit check will be available at Threshfield from 19:00 until 22:00 hours on the Friday night. For those unable to attend this session kit checks will be made at the start on Saturday morning between 06:00 and 08:00 hours. Entrants are advised to leave plenty of time as the start will be very busy and are recommended to complete kit check on the Friday night wherever possible.

Please refer to the Kit Requirement page for more information.


Entrant supper on Friday evening is available from 20:00 to 22:00 hours.

Breakfast is served from 04:45 hours on Saturday morning.

Both meals must be ordered and paid for with your entry.

Pubs are also available in Grassington, Threshfield and Ingleton for pre-event meals.


  • The start is from Ingleton Community Centre at 06:00 hours on the 27th of April 2024. The latest an entrant can register is 08:00 hours (with Kit Checked Friday Evening)
  • Please note the 08:30 is the start time. Latecomers will not be permitted to start.
  • All entrants must enter the community centre through one of two designated doors.
  • A Refreshment stall and Small Shop with Essential race equipment will be available in the waiting hall.


A bag drop facility is available for entrants to transport equipment from the start (Ingleton) to the finish (Threshfield). Entrants must ensure equipment to be transported is in a sealable bag (preferably a small rucksack / holdall) clearly labelled with their entrant number.


  • The Finish / Event HQ is located at Upper Wharfedale Secondary School.
  • Event Registration opens at 18.30. PLEASE NOTE: there is no access to the school for entrants before this time.
  • Toilet and shower facilities are available once registration opens and are free to all entrants.


Strict time limits are in effect. Any entrant arriving at the following checkpoints after the time stated, will be compulsorily retired:
Checkpoint Time
Hill Inn 11:30
Kingsdale 15:00
Dent 19:00
Stonehouses 22:00
Redshaw 01:00
Fleet Moss 03:30
Cray 07:00
Park Rash 08:30
Threshfield 15:30


Although mandatory grouping has ceased with the introduction of entrant trackers, the organisers reserve the right to reintroduce the grouping rule at any point of the event should they deem it necessary for everyone’s safety. Each entrant is responsible for being properly equipped for the duration of the event in exposed terrain at the end of April.

In the event that grouping is reinstated, the following will apply:

Grouping cards will be issued to each group by staff at the roadside checkpoint at which the group is formed. This card details the tally/entrant numbers of all entrants in the group and must be presented on arrival at all subsequent roadside checkpoints, until the group is disbanded. At dawn, (weather permitting), a Checkpoint Officer will disband the group and hole punch each entrant’s tally to denote official de-grouping. Loss of a grouping card will result in a delay whilst the composition of the group is confirmed. No waiting time will be allocated in this instance.

All entrants will be required to form groups of four, minimum, when arriving at the following checkpoints on or after the times stated below:

Checkpoint Time
Hill Inn
Dent 18:00
Stonehouses 18:00
Redshaw 18:30
Fleet Moss 19:00
Cray 19:00
Park Rash

Please note the following:

  1. The organisers reserve the right to vary both the time of grouping and the time of de-grouping, in accordance with the weather conditions.
  2. When arriving at one of the listed checkpoints above at or after the time shown, entrants must form into groups of at least four. This time may be brought forward if, in the opinion of the Checkpoint Officer, the local weather conditions necessitate it. If less than four entrants arrive at a checkpoint after this time, Waiting Time will be accrued (to be subtracted from your total walking time) until a fourth entrant arrives. The forming of a group will be detailed on a Grouping Card, which must be presented at each roadside checkpoint. These groups must be maintained until disbanded by a Checkpoint Officer. Please remember that shorts may not be worn whilst grouping is in place.
  3. In the event of an accident, the group is responsible for any injured person. Additional waiting time may, at the discretion of the organisers, be allocated in such an instance.
  4. At all times, members of a group must stay within sight and sound of all members. Failure to do this is not only unsafe, but risks all members of the group being disqualified.


  • Entrants who wish to retire can only do so at a roadside checkpoint.
  • Entrants MUST be checked in prior to relinquishing their tally to the Checkpoint Officer.
  • Entrants will be required to retire if they arrive at a checkpoint after the official time limit for that checkpoint.
  • Entrants will be required to retire, if in the opinion of a Checkpoint Officer or other official, they are unfit to continue the event, thus endangering themselves and others.
  • Entrants will be required to retire if they arrive at a checkpoint after the official time limit for that checkpoint.
  • Upon retiring, event transport will be organised to return an entrant back to the event headquarters.
  • No entrant, having retired and surrendered their tally, will be allowed subsequently to continue the event.
  • Entrants who retire may choose to withdraw. Retirees are still the responsibility of the event until they are returned to the event finish Threshfield), entrants who withdraw are no longer the responsibility of the event with immediate effect and are therefore responsible for arranging their own transport etc… to the finish / home.


Having retired, any entrant wishing to withdraw from the event must advise the Checkpoint Officer of this intention and sign a Statement of Withdrawal. Once an entrant has withdrawn, the facilities of the event, (including return transport), will no longer be available them. No entrant may leave the event until they have either registered at the finish or signed a Statement of Withdrawal – to do so will result in a search and the mobilisation of the fell rescue services.



  1. Receiving outside assistance of any kind, including food, drink, pacing and the replacement of equipment by any means at any point on the route.
  2. In the event that the grouping rule is reinstated due to safety concerns, failing to maintain compact groups of entrants after these have been formed as per rule 2d. Each member of the group must be within both sight and sound of all members of that group. Failure to maintain groups will result in disqualification of the WHOLE group.
  3. Failing to wear or carry the specified equipment at all times, including footwear.
  4. Failing to wear or carry the specified equipment at all times, including footwear.
  5. Losing their tally or damaging the RFID chip so that it is rendered unusable.
  6. Failing to comply with the rules to the satisfaction of the organisers.
  7. Failing to comply with the organiser’s instructions (or those of their designated representatives, including any official medical personnel) at any stage during the event.



The Organisers do not arrange personal insurance cover. Entrants are advised to take out their own personal accident insurance cover as appropriate.


If you are unable to determine your position, attempt to get off high and/or exposed ground. As you reduce altitude, the temperature will increase, and the wind will become less severe. There is a much better chance of finding both help and shelter in the bottom of a valley. On reaching safety you must telephone Event Control on 07557 164403 and report your position. Do not ring 999 unless there is a serious emergency. If you then wish to retire from the event, transport will be arranged to collect you and return you to the finish. Entrants must not withdraw or leave the event without contacting the Organisers as this will result in unnecessary risks being taken by event staff and / or the Mountain Rescue Team to find you.


If you suffer an accident and injury yourself, keep calm and take immediate action to avoid another accident.

Assess the injury, stop any serious bleeding, and immobilise fractures, as required.

Protect yourself from the weather and insulate from the cold.

If you happen upon an accident / incident or injured entrant, please stop and assist as required.

Reassure the casualty and treat for shock / hypothermia if applicable.

Send for help.

Remember that all members stationary on the fells are now at risk of hypothermia.


Should one of your party begin to show signs of hypothermia, do not continue, but stop and take shelter. Insulate the casualty in warm clothes and a survival bag, and feed with easily digested foods. Reassure the casualty and guard against other members of the party falling victim. Remember, in cases of exposure, do not rub the casualty or administer alcohol.


If a rescue party has to be summoned, make your location as noticeable as possible by using torches, whistles, brightly coloured garments etc. as markers. Do not leave the casualty alone. If necessary, enlist the assistance of other entrants to supplement your numbers. Send two experienced persons for help. Write a message for them to deliver when they arrive, containing the names and tally numbers of all members of the group, the time the accident happened, the grid reference, what three words id of the casualty’s location and details of the severity of the injury.

N.B Please ensure all help is organised through the event HQ either at a checkpoint or by the emergency phone number (07557 164403). Do not call 999 directly in the first instance unless there is an immediate threat to life. Event HQ and the Organisers will coordinate emergency services assistance and will use your entrant trackers as location devices.

Advised Further Reading

All entrants are advised to read a copy of ‘Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue’ issued by the Mountain Rescue Committee. Also ‘Safety on Mountains’ published by the British Mountaineering Council. These publications contain useful notes on mountain safety and deal with mountain accidents as well as information on First Aid exposure.