51st to 60th Fellsman
Results From 2024

The Fellsman results from 2024


  • 436 entered the event
  • 375 checked in at Ingleton on Saturday morning
  • 61 non-starters
  • 117 Entrants retired or voluntarily withdrew from the event
  • 258 Entrants finished the event

Trophy Winners For The 60th Event (2024)

The winner of the Fellsman Axe, for the second time in 10 years, is Kim Collison with a time of 11 hrs 07 minutes.

The winner of the Jim Nelson Trophy is Emma Stuart with a time of 11 hrs 36 minutes.

The winner of the Tregoning Cup is James Chapman with a time of 11 hrs 24 minutes.

The winner of the Levy Trophy is James Quigley of 12th Glasgow Lenzie with a time of 15 hrs 43 minutes.

The joint winners of the County Commissioners Tankard for the fastest over 50 are Matt Neale with a time of 13 hrs 12 minutes.

The winner of the Great Knoutberry Trophy for the fastest over 60 is Martin Terry in a time of 16 hrs 30 minutes.

The winner of the The Old Kids Award for the fastest entrant over the age of 70 is Ted Adamski in a time of 27 hours 01 minute (19 minutes quicker than last year!).

Team trophies are awarded based on the combined time of the first three members to arrive at Threshfield:

The winners of the team trophy, the Service Trophy, were Cumbrian Crusaders. The team members were Kim Collison, James Chapman, Emma Stuart and Will Lloyd with a combined time of 34 hrs 07 minutes.

The winners of the Scout team trophy, the Fellsman Shield was presented to our dedicated team of bus drivers. We have never tallied up their combined hours of driving over the event. However, we are truly grateful for their combined efforts.

The winners of the Lumbutts Mill Trophy, were Les Meufs et Les Mecs. The team members were Karen Nash, Stephanie Wood, Julian Brown, Robert Gittins, Bill Johnson and Rebecca Till with a combined time of 50 hrs 03 minutes.

The Bear Grylls Award is awarded by the Committee to the young helper/team who showed great dedication in helping on the event. This year it has been awarded to 6th Keighley Oakworth Scout Group for their help at Threshfield and Park Rash. Keep up the good work! 

The John O’Connell Award for Outstanding Services to the Fellsman. This award was first presented in 2011 in memory of former Fellsman organiser John O’Connell. In lieu of a physical trophy, each recipient will nominate a charity, to which a donation will be made in their name – to be announced shortly.

The Mike Wooding Memorial Trophy is normally a nominated award given to an individual entrant or support volunteer who shares Mike’s love for the challenge of the Fellsman and who has performed something exceptional and noteworthy during the event. Usually we present this based on the actions of an individual or group of individuals during the most recent event. The couple who were awarded this trophy for 2024 are Suzanne & Jonathon Carter. In the middle of the night they readily climbed Great Whernside to ensure the safety of one of our checkpoint teams. They did this with courage and dedication for our event to ensure everyone gets home safe.

Entrants Completing 60th Fellsman

PositionNameTeamEntrant NumberTime
1Kim CollisonCumbrian Crusaders47011:07
2Oli Johnson39211:12
3James ChapmanCumbrian Crusaders27611:24
4Emma StuartCumbrian Crusaders31611:36
5Philip WithnallLonsdale FR7712:03
6Steve Hopwood16412:26
7Matthew JohnThe Birthday Bashers16812:35
8John Evason30312:38
9Robert Barnes45312:52
10Lawrence EcclesPenny Lane Pegles12812:54
11Peter Watson14413:01
12Matthew Kennedy26313:20
13Christopher Bartlett33313:25
14Derek Fuller40413:34
15Mattew Nichols18913:45
15Despina Berdeni24513:45
17Tim Grimwood20413:47
17James Hargreaves31413:47
19Tim Culshaw15913:50
20Adam Worrallo7413:58
21Matthew Allen26414:11
22Matt NealePenny Lane Pegles25814:12
23Christopher Warner28714:19
24Adam Ball27814:22
25Sam Harrison20014:47
26Oliver Richards37114:59
26Ian Magee30114:59
28David Haygarth26015:18
29Mark Braithwaite25915:37
30Claire NanceLonsdale FR9815:40
30Terry Brewster3115:40
30Antonio CodinaWHR23915:40
33James Quigley21615:43
33Catherine Evans46115:43
33Ian Masterton12315:43
36Andrew Sutton20115:47
37Thomas Hancock26715:52
38Will LloydCumbrian Crusaders26115:53
39Jamie Hancock26615:54
40Mike Brooks45516:03
40Emma Shawcross17016:03
42Mathew Carver46716:06
43Ryan CampbellLonsdale FR1816:08
44Steve Field7616:10
45Alan Kyle43716:19
46Jon Hopper44416:20
46Stephanie WoodLes Meufs et Les Mecs42316:20
48Victoria Morris32216:21
49Christian Wehrenfennig21816:28
49Michael Muir12216:28
51Martin Terry48216:30
52Sue Straw38316:31
53James TiffanyThe Birthday Bashers35616:34
53Karen NashLes Meufs et Les Mecs1716:34
55Lee Paskin16016:38
56Rob Patton33816:39
57Adam Curtis11416:41
58Paul Cook25516:43
59Simon Coplestone33116:53
59Debbie Stevens13416:53
61Mark Denby5416:57
61Ben Timbers47116:57
61Adam Oakden8916:57
61Mark Collinson1416:57
65Jonathan Green17417:00
65Alex Fawcett28617:00
67James Allard41017:05
67Matt Tomkins39417:05
69Bill JohnsonLes Meufs et Les Mecs37617:09
70Aidan Harington45217:15
70Richie Banks46317:15
72Jake LodgePudsey & Bramley38917:19
72Sara Abbott38417:19
72Lynn Murphy38217:19
75Tom Baker47817:33
76Adam Rudys38717:38
76Mark Swift40317:38
78Keith Stronach39617:40
78Stephen Boy29117:40
78Lisa Wallis8617:40
81Ben Frechette38017:43
82Charlie Symonds34117:46
83Colin Harper3017:47
83Fiona Lynch43517:47
83Ashley Ward35017:47
86Chris Jones6517:50
86Toney DonnellyWHR40517:50
88Andy Dunn24317:53
89Robert GittinsLes Meufs et Les Mecs40817:54
89Julian BrownLes Meufs et Les Mecs33917:54
89Rebecca TillLes Meufs et Les Mecs48017:54
92Gareth Brown47417:55
93Elliot Taylor14317:57
94Adam Elkin10118:12
94Matthew McLayPenny Lane Pegles21018:12
94George Rowntree20618:12
97Jerome McAllister36218:16
97Colin Dockery21718:16
97Geoff Bell6118:16
100Luke Taylor15118:24
100Simon Pass8418:24
102Gary Bradley14718:27
102Fiona Hall42518:27
102Matthew Nice19218:27
102Duncan PlattWilmington Trail Finders11218:27
106Josh WestwoodSwaledale Swifts18818:28
106Stefan Adamski10018:28
108Gareth Pilkington27918:30
109Dave WilbyThe Birthday Bashers21918:31
110Kevin Bowen15018:32
110Jessica Jones11518:32
112Neil BowmerSwaledale Swifts24818:34
113Gary Mort23418:38
113Cheryl Mort23518:38
115Stuart Taylor44218:43
115Trudy Morrice4118:43
117Arron Jackson6818:44
118Keith CrowhurstWilmington Trail Finders20818:54
118Mick Shakespeare8818:54
120Sean Griffin34518:56
121Richard Andrews44718:58
122Dan Kent43319:02
122Eleanor Claringbold-Driscoll44019:02
124Sarah Hall23319:05
124Toby White17519:05
126Gary Findlay6019:15
126Simon Bray39519:15
128James Dowdall21319:17
129Steve Tomlin3919:25
130Claire Shaw1219:27
130Charles Colbourn1319:27
132Shaun Hubbard35219:28
132Rob Ogden47719:28
132Allan Richardson14619:28
132Dan Mayers14519:28
132Stuart ClarksonSwaledale Swifts7319:28
137Ros BlackmoreSwaledale Snails24719:30
137Liz Lawton4319:30
139William Whitfield25019:31
140Graeme Macmillan26219:33
141Gareth Priestley28919:34
141Thomas Priestley35719:34
143Samuel Thornborrow42019:41
143Charles Harries17619:41
143Lee Murphy36519:41
146Meriel WhiteCavers With A Running Problem44519:46
146Tristan Honeyborne37919:46
148Chris Alderson34919:48
148James Adair25319:48
150Emily Thompson26519:54
151Jamie Roberts43019:58
152Peter Smith28820:02
152Brian Melia16120:02
154Steve Glaze34220:15
155Karen Fronteras39720:19
155Kevin Lofts39820:19
157Simon Gershon25220:26
158Jennifer Garside2820:51
159Richard Sykes17220:53
160Sarah Thomas17120:55
161Dick Waddington42920:58
162Catherine Hill23020:59
163Steve Wilson37321:03
164Rob Evason18621:08
165Andy Brighouse29721:10
166Kate Harvest3821:11
166Michael Ball27121:11
168Neil Drake27521:29
168Edwin Tate43421:29
170Roy Linden3321:30
171Gavin Coventry13021:32
171Simon Robertson221:32
173Heather Hell Yeah HodgsonSwaledale Snails20221:35
173Michael Cottam15721:35
175Albert SunterWHR35321:38
175Abigail SunterWHR35421:38
175David ColganWHR35921:38
178Paul Crossley33221:52
179Jackson Riley28321:56
179Michael Riley28121:56
181Kevin Pearson32122:01
182Katherine Sutton19622:26
182David Ralphs19522:26
182Henry Thompson44922:26
185Paul Coleman30022:35
186Alex Stavrinides9022:40
187Andrew Hindson7822:41
187Andy Arnold38522:41
187Damiano Sogaro34822:41
190Shaun Mc Farlane36922:44
191Lee Bodell10622:45
191Matthew Adamson5022:45
193Chris Keri-Nagy19922:46
193Nick Mayers19822:46
195Ben Clark21222:47
196Tim Rees5623:07
197Keith Jeddere-Fisher30423:13
198Zac Poulton47323:19
199Gareth Harrison32023:20
200Edward Basterfield34023:21
201Ian HolmesSheffield Hash House Harriers47923:22
201Hannah MoultonSheffield Hash House Harriers46623:22
201Emma Key1023:22
204Owen Higgs32623:30
204James Kenny35823:30
204Ian Wild24123:30
207Emma Jones33523:32
207Nina Walmsley33423:32
207Ian France20923:32
210Patrick Barry30523:34
211Simon Grimshaw1923:48
212Wiebke Lammers5723:50
213Rob Gilder36724:28:00
214Emil AndrewsPudsey & Bramley39324:32:00
214David AndersonPudsey & Bramley45024:32:00
216Johnathan Russell41224:33:00
216Jim Russell41324:33:00
218Suzanne McGann27024:46:00
218Charlotte Lewis27224:46:00
218Andy Fisher23724:46:00
218Jenny Carter29424:46:00
222Paddy Hopwood41624:47:00
222Nathan Burt41524:47:00
222Richard Cartwright22624:47:00
225Karen Saward20324:52:00
225Jesse Palmer40924:52:00
227Patrick Wedgewood42125:04:00
227Karsten Wedgewood42625:04:00
227Richard Young17325:04:00
230Rebecca Lane16325:19:00
230Estella Warwick16225:19:00
232Richard Townsend46825:25:00
232Ben Davies43225:25:00
234Christopher Duckett6225:48:00
235Phil Brown4225:53:00
236Sam Willis925:54:00
236Nicholas Key4025:54:00
238Gordon Kumar33726:03:00
238Clare Ballantyne42826:03:00
240Andy Clutton12526:05:00
241Jill Harsent4626:13:00
242Ian Bonnell10826:26:00
243Derek Wigglesworth9326:49:00
244Shaun Flavell41426:50:00
245Ted Adamski9927:01:00
245Simon Cummins14927:01:00
245Mark Georgeson14127:01:00
248Oliver Charlton12027:17:00
248Bal Singh38627:17:00
250Gary McDonald41127:18:00
251Alex Stride12127:19:00
252Andrew Ledwith13527:40:00
252Alex Jones13727:40:00
254John Vernon15227:55:00
254Peter Telford19727:55:00
254Janice Allan47227:55:00
257Jo Dixon2628:49:00
257Adrian Gosling11328:49:00

Entrants Unable To Complete 60th Fellsman

NameCheckpointEntrant NumberDistance
Kevin JohnstonHill Inn1166
Christopher WrightHill Inn1396
Paul McWhinneyKingsdale8712.4
Dominic FollowsKingsdale15412.4
Stella FollowsKingsdale15512.4
Dave TownKingsdale24612.4
Rachael HarperKingsdale27712.4
Joshua RileyKingsdale28212.4
Geoff PartridgeKingsdale44812.4
Abby TighgealDent420.5
Michael TighgealDent520.5
John LuckDent2520.5
Andy WylesDent4720.5
Levi MarriottDent6320.5
Matthew HayesDent7120.5
James ParsonsDent7920.5
Paul GlynnDent9420.5
Meg GalsworthyDent10220.5
Sara OrdwayDent10720.5
Paul AtkinsonDent14820.5
Nick BakerDent18720.5
Mark DavyDent37820.5
Chris MawdsleyDent44120.5
Ian JonesDent46420.5
Andrew WilsonStonehouse2127.8
Richard DaviesStonehouse2227.8
Antoinette WintinStonehouse3427.8
Douglas HobbsStonehouse3527.8
John SpencerStonehouse4827.8
Matthew Melsome-SmithStonehouse5827.8
Jonathan CoxStonehouse7527.8
Roger AndrewsStonehouse10427.8
Georgina SpencerStonehouse11727.8
Garry JonesStonehouse13627.8
Annemarie WilsonStonehouse15627.8
Alexandra DentStonehouse15827.8
Neill BoultonStonehouse22327.8
Chris WilliamsStonehouse23827.8
John CantrellStonehouse24227.8
Richard HalsteadStonehouse29627.8
Sam StellStonehouse31527.8
Mark LloydStonehouse38127.8
Mark ClaytonStonehouse39027.8
Barbara ClaytonStonehouse39127.8
Mark SammonStonehouse40127.8
John FirthStonehouse40627.8
Paul HaynesStonehouse45727.8
Chris CoghlanStonehouse45827.8
Neil TerrettStonehouse45927.8
David DriverStonehouse47627.8
Jim GarsideRedshaw2932
Nick BurnsRedshaw5132
Dominic CamponiRedshaw8532
Dave MotleyRedshaw11132
Beverley CliffordRedshaw28032
Paul WalkerRedshaw28532
Nick BakerRedshaw29832
Richard HirstRedshaw30732
Graham PhillipsRedshaw36632
Lou StringerFleetmoss6937.7
Rich GriffithsFleetmoss8337.7
Anna StavrinidesFleetmoss9137.7
Emma JohnsFleetmoss9237.7
Akos ReveszFleetmoss9737.7
Timothy PickeringFleetmoss10337.7
Tony GriffinFleetmoss10537.7
Claire AlleguenFleetmoss13337.7
Nick ButcherFleetmoss15337.7
Clare OliffeFleetmoss17737.7
Mark KiedishFleetmoss22537.7
Andrew GauntFleetmoss23137.7
Imre KereszturiFleetmoss25437.7
Duncan MitchinsonFleetmoss29037.7
Jack GribbinFleetmoss29537.7
Weezy CardwellFleetmoss31337.7
Hayley LomasFleetmoss31737.7
Alec MaynardFleetmoss32937.7
Dan GibsonFleetmoss36037.7
Colin VestyFleetmoss37437.7
Jules ColemanFleetmoss40037.7
Simon JeppsFleetmoss41937.7
Elliot SteelFleetmoss42737.7
Zak HopkinsFleetmoss44637.7
Andrew HirstFleetmoss46937.7
John BallFleetmoss48137.7
Eric CittanovaDeepdale3740
Andy SheppardDeepdale12740
Cailum EarleyDeepdale34740
Stephen BoddyDeepdale41840
Michael PriestmanCray1544.8
Dave HughesCray13144.8
Shaun HansonCray18344.8
Jonathan ChapmanCray18444.8
Nicholas EatonCray22944.8
Andrew HuntCray24444.8
Carl HammalCray24944.8
John WigensCray25744.8
John DallyCray29244.8
Nicola MerrettCray31844.8
Peter ShanahanCray31944.8
Alistair HornsbyCray32444.8
Sandy GeeCray34644.8
Dave NicholsCray36144.8
Helen HarrisonCray36844.8
Mark StoreyCray37044.8
Glyn SawfordCray45144.8
Tom BurtonCray45444.8
Tom HorsleyCray46544.8
Kai YoungrenCray47544.8
Al PepperPark Rash650.5
Steven HillPark Rash21550.5
Chris JamesPark Rash29950.5
Ralf GuscottPark Rash39950.5
John BarryPark Rash40250.5
Richard JacksonPark Rash43850.5
Richard RogersPark Rash48350.5
Guy EvansYarnbury3259

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