3 Days To Go
Fellsman 2022

Published : 27 April 2022
3 days to go – this is the first of a few updates today, so please check back later! It’s all GO! here in Fellsman land, and we’ve some updated info for you… First up – Camping! We’ve secured a second camping area, and are confident we’ll have enough space.

However, it is still finite, so we ask that:

  • you share with friends where possible and keep tent numbers to an absolute minimum.
  • you pitch your tents as close together as is sensible – no wasting space please.
  • if you have the option of a camper van, please take it and park in our quarry car park (toilet and shuttle bus provided).
  • where possible pitch your tent Friday night.
Please note that there is NO VEHICLE ACCESS to the camping field – you can drop equipment at field and then park in quarry carpark but there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING – Drop And Leave only. You may want to just start at the car park!
Next – paying for stuff on the weekend… in another blinding move forward with times, we’ve acquired card readers! So, if you need to pay for your transport or meals, or buy a map, you can pay by card!! We’ll still be accepting cash if necessary) but we’d be grateful if you could use a card where possible. Don’t forget some small change for the tea shop at the start (£20 not accepted!)

MAPS – these, along with PONCHOS will be available to purchase before the start (Threshfield Friday, Ingleton Saturday) so panic not. If you’ve ordered a map recently it’ll be ready for you to collect (having finally realised what day it is, I’m not risking the postal service…) and will no longer be available online from today.

Finally for now – registration opens at 7pm on Friday. Please remember there will, as always, be NO PARKING AT THE SCHOOL OR ON ANY OF THE ROADS NEARBY – please go straight to the quarry car park and utilize our shuttle buses. We really appreciate your help keeping the neighbours happy. The email account is a bit hectic at the mo, so if you’re waiting on a response, it’s worth considering if your query is answered by any of these posts first, and I’ll be contacting those not covered asap.
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