Every year, the organisers are asked lots of questions by entrants keen to ensure their event goes as smoothly as possible. Below you will find a series of the most commonly-asked questions. If you have a query, please check the FAQs below before emailing us; if your question isn’t there then feel free to drop us a line and we will do our very best to help you.

Before The Event

Can I leave my vehicle at the start?

The car park at the Community Center in Ingleton (where the event usually starts) is a public Pay and Display car park, so the simple answer is yes.

There are a couple of drawbacks to doing this:

  • It will be expensive (from a Yorkshireman’s perspective anyway!).
  • Since the route is not circular and there is no direct public transport service between the finish and the start, getting back to your car may be a problem.

The organisers do have a solution to this. First we arrange the use of a local quarry close to the finish at Threshfield and allow competitors to park there for free. We then provide coaches to transport people from the finish to the start on Saturday morning (this can be booked when you enter). The one drawback to this is that the coaches leave Threshfield starting from 05:45 on the Saturday morning. You can find out more details on the Parking and Transport page.

We suggest you book a seat on the coach when you enter the event as we base the number of coaches to order on the number of pre-booked seats.


In the event of an entrant being unable to take part in the event, having paid for a place, please ensure the event committee are notified as soon as possible. Then the following applies:

  • Up to and including the 16th March 2024, a full refund will be awarded, less a small administration charge.
  • After the 17th March up to 13th April 2024, a 50% refund will be awarded
  • After the 13th April, the option to cancel / refund is no longer available however places can still be substituted via SiEntries substitution system (see below) up until entries close at 9am on Friday 26th

Place Transfers / Substitutions

Place transfers / substitutions are permitted up to 9am Friday 27th April.  The substitution must be made by the person who made the original entry in SiEntries.  Transfers / substitutions must only be undertaken formally on SiEntries and NOT undertaken between entrants / potential entrants as a ‘friendly agreement’.  Failure to follow the correct procedure poses a significant risk to the recipient of the place as the organisers will not have accurate health, contact or identification details for them.  In the event of an emergency, this could be life-threatening.

To ensure that all place transfers / substitutions are completed correctly, photo ID checks will be in place at check in on Friday / Saturday.  Entrants whose ID does not match the registered details on the entry list printed from SiEntries will not be able to start the event.  This is a new rule for the 2024 event to ensure entrant safety.

I'm injured, am i able Defer my entry to Next Year?

Unfortunately this isn’t something we are able to offer. Your entry fee is calculated in to each event to make it viable to run. 

Equipment to be carried

What Maps Do I Need?

This is a tricky question to answer as the current sheets keep changing. To simplify the rules only the current sheet references have been included, if you have older maps these are acceptable so long as they cover the route. The following map combinations are acceptable:

  • Ordnance Survey Landranger sheet 98 (1:50000 scale)
  • Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure sheets 2 (Yorkshire Dales Western area), 10 (Yorkshire Dales Southern area), 30 (Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas) (1:25000 scale)
  • Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure sheets 2 (Yorkshire Dales Southern & Western areas), 30 (Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas). These maps have since been renamed Ordnance Survey Explorer OL2 and OL30. (1:25000 scale)
  • Harvey Outdoor Maps Dales West and South. (1:40000 scale)
  • The Fellsman Map

Route cards printed from your PC mapping software are not acceptable, nor are strips of maps cut down to save weight or space. If you are carrying the complete map and get lost at least we are confident your location is still covered by your map, carrying A4 printouts and the like will not guarantee this.

Can I Carry A GPS Device?

Whilst a GPS may be used, a map and compass MUST be carried. GPS devices rely on batteries, which can fail leaving entrants very vulnerable. Therefore, the Organisers must insist that all entrants carry the appropriate map as specified in the rules, along with a compass and that the entrant has the knowledge and skills to navigate using these.

My Boots/Shoes Are [Insert Make/Model Here], Are They OK?

It is impossible to give an answer to this on a website, via email or over the phone. Rule 3 states:

Footwear must satisfy the requirements of the Equipment Check Officer. The criteria are as follows:
– They are in first class condition. Footwear which is misshapen or worn will not be accepted.
– They have been manufactured for the purpose of fell walking, fell running or have an acceptable type of studded sole. Plimsoles, Road Running training shoes, etc. will not be accepted.

We think the rules are fairly clear but obviously the condition and the level of wear is always open to interpretation. Basically the best advice we can give is, if you are not sure whether your footwear is of a good enough quality, bring a second pair just in case your favourite pair are deemed not good enough.

There is really no way we can pass judgement before the weekend, sorry.

How Much Water/Liquid Must I Carry?

Entrants must also carry a minimum of 500ml of water or liquid refreshment upon leaving a checkpoint. This can be consumed between checkpoints but must be topped up on arrival at the next checkpoint before departure.

NB – The organisers also recommend an additional container is carried to contain additional liquid between checkpoints as required, particularly in warm weather.

What Type Of Emergency Rations Are Acceptable?

Entrants must carry at least 500kcal of ready-to-eat energy-giving and sustaining food of your choice which you would be happy and able to eat in the event of an emergency (eg 500kcal worth of granulated sugar would not be acceptable) . This must not to be eaten on route, except in an emergency, after which the entrant will be retired. Should dehydrated food be carried for this purpose, entrants must also carry sufficient water and the means to heat the water to rehydrate it. The emergency rations are in addition to any personal food entrants wish to carry to sustain you around the route.

Torches, Can I Just Bring A Spare Torch?

Section 3 of the Kit List states:

Equipment to be carried
B. A suitable traditional torch or LED head torch manufactured for running/walking. Pen-lights and miniature torches are not acceptable.
C. A full spare set of alkaline batteries or spare battery pack and a spare bulb where applicable for above torch.

Yes – a complete, working torch and a replacement (either spare bulb & batteries OR spare complete torch as applicable) must be carried.  Entrants must have the ability to light the way in the event that your main torch fails.

Will A Foil Blanket Be Acceptable? I Don’t Have A Foil Poncho.

A foil blanket is not acceptable unfortunately – it must be a poncho with a hood. This is to ensure it can do its job in high winds and not get blown off or ripped. They are relatively cheap and readily available. Entrants must have an emergency hooded, foil hypothermia poncho in order to pass kit check.


What Type Of Survival Bag Is Acceptable?

Section 3 of the Kit List states:

Equipment to be carried
I. Survival bag. This must have been manufactured for this purpose.

N.B Survival blankets or sheets will not be accepted.

In order to satisfy the Kit Check requirements, and ensure safety, entrants must carry a bag manufactured for the purposes of survival in an emergency situation. It must be sealed on 3 side and entrants must be able to fit one’s whole body.


Around The Route

I Have Special Dietary Requirements, Will There Be Suitable Refreshments Available At The Checkpoints?

We try to accommodate as many people as possible on the event. Refreshments are available at each roadside checkpoint. The catering list is updated for each event at the beginning of April. 

Vegetarian options are available for all meals and all checkpoints – please check the vegetarian option box on the entry form if you would like to order these.

Some vegan options are also available – please contact the Organisers to discuss these.

All the checkpoints that serve hot food will have a hot gluten-free option (even if only cuppa soup!) – please see catering page for details.

N.B If you have a special dietary requirement, please get in touch to discuss options with our Catering Co-ordinator via the contact us page.

The Grid Reference You Supplied For Checkpoint [Insert Name Here] Is Incorrect.

Please note that over the 60 years Checkpoints have moved slightly, due to either a better route option or land access we have been granted.

To keep continuity off paperwork and Tally artwork the place name doesn’t normally change if a checkpoint is relocated in the same vicinity.

So please make sure you navigate by the official grid reference rather than place names.

Event Transport - What Happens If I Can’t Complete The Event?

In the event you are unable to complete the entire route there is is two options available to your self.

Option 1 – Retire

Once you have reached your personal  limit you have the option to retire from the race at any of the roadside checkpoints ( if you speak to the checkpoint staff they will talk you through the process). After the retirement process has been completed it notifies Event Control of your your status and an event minibus is organised to collect and return you to Threshfield as soon as possible.

Please note that as we use 16 seater minibuses it is not always possible to return you straight away so please bare in mind you may have some waiting round at checkpoints for fellow entrants in the same position as your self. Under normal circumstances we endeavour to have you back at the finish within a maximum of 4hrs of your retirement but whilst you remain out on the event even as a retired entrant we keep you fed and hydrated and monitor your health and fitness.

if you feel your condition deteriorates you should notify the driver so plans to help and return you can be escalated

Option 2 – Withdraw

once you have retired, if you wish you can then further withdraw from the event completely, (this of course is optional). If you choose this option the checkpoint officer at your current location will get you to sign a second event waiver confirming it is your choice completely to leave the event facilities and make your own way back home.

please note you can with draw at any checkpoint the bus stops at once you retire.


for more information on the Retirement and Withdrawal Procedure please read the relevant section s on the rules page.  


Event Transport - Can The Retirement Bus Drop Me Off At [Insert Place Here]?

Unfortunately the drivers do not have the withdrawal paperwork with them. This can only be done at a checkpoint, but you can withdraw at another checkpoint if you wish, just have a word with your driver and he’ll take you to the Checkpoint Officer who can sort out the paperwork.

The Event Rules

What Are These ‘Chop Times’ And Why Are They Needed?

A time limit is imposed on entrants taking part in the event. Times are defined for some of the later roadside checkpoints, and anyone arriving at these checkpoints after the specified time will be compulsorily retired or withdrawn. These times are referred to as “chop times”.

The chop times for each of these roadside checkpoints are:

Checkpoint Time
Hill Inn 11:30
Kingsdale 15:00
Dent 19:00
Stonehouses 22:00
Redshaw 01:00
Fleet Moss 03:30
Cray 07:00
Park Rash 08:30
Threshfield 15:30


There are no chop times applied to hill top checkpoints because it is not possible to retire or withdraw at a hill top checkpoint.

The reason for the chop times is that the staff operating the event still have a lot of work to do after the event is completed, and Threshfield School needs to be handed back in a good state. With these chop times, typically the last entrant will arrive back at around 13:30, so these times could not reasonably be any later.

In reality, anyone arriving at Cray just before the chop time is unlikely to make it to Park Rash in time to continue to the finish.

Grouping And Waiting Time Questions

Although mandatory grouping has ceased with the introduction of entrant trackers, the organisers reserve the right to reintroduce the grouping rule at any point of the event should they deem it necessary for everyone’s safety. Each entrant is responsible for being properly equipped for the duration of the event in exposed terrain at the end of April.

Why Must I Walk In A Group During The Night If The Committee Announce This?
The grouping rule is an essential safety measure for entrants walking during the night time portion of the event Should the weather be against us.

After the defined grouping time, anyone arriving at a roadside checkpoint may only continue in a group of four or more. If there are not four entrants present at the checkpoint, then you will need to wait until more entrants arrive (waiting time will be allowed in this case). If you are at the rear of the event and there are not enough remaining entrants to form a group of four, then unfortunately you will not be allowed to continue.

During grouping, the whole group MUST remain within sight and sound of each other. Failure to do this will result in disqualification for the entire group.

You must stay in the same group and groups can only be restructured at a roadside checkpoint.

During grouping, long trousers must be worn.

It’s Dawn So Can We Disband Our Group?
Degrouping on the Sunday morning takes place at roadside checkpoints only, and is at the discretion of the checkpoint officer. You will not be degrouped at a hill top checkpoint, the staff at these have no authority to do this, so please do not ask them.

We understand that grouping is something that some entrants do not like. However this is the best way we know to keep everyone safe during the night and we make no apology for having this rule.

When And How Is Waiting Time Awarded?
Every year when putting together the results we get people say they deserve waiting time which we cannot verify. So, how does it work?

Point 1 in ‘Instructions to Entrants’ states ‘No waiting time will be allowed whilst taking refreshments or resting at any checkpoint’. This little statement is expected to convey a whole lot more than it seems at first sight: hopefully by the time you read this it will have been expanded.

The idea is you arrive at a checkpoint after grouping, check in, get something to eat/drink, change your socks, apply more plasters, apply more Fellsman makeup (Vaseline to those not in the know) and powder your nose. Then you locate the member of checkpoint staff in charge of grouping (normally the Checkpoint Officer recognizable by his lime coloured hi-viz vest) and inform him you are ready to leave. He should make a note of the time and your number. Once the group is formed and ready to go the number of minutes that has elapsed will be noted and written on the back of your tally. You need to make sure this happens: if the paperwork does not make it back to the finish this is the way we confirm the time. If the time rubs off on your hairy chest/ample bosom we have no confirmation. This year we will inform checkpoint officers to write times on the grouping sheets which your team carries, hand these in at the finish and this will help confirm your claims.

You are in a similar situation if you need re-grouping at a checkpoint because one or more of your existing group are retiring. Wash your socks, etc, then, when your existing group is ready to leave approach the checkpoint staff member handling grouping and they will start your waiting time timer running. In this situation your arrival time is not when your waiting time starts from. If you do not want refreshments etc. when you arrive or are ready to leave before the rest of your group, then approach the checkpoint staff and explain you are ready to leave but are waiting for the other members of your group, they should give you waiting time.

Pre-Start ID Check - What If I Don't Have Any Photo Id?
In order to ensure the organisers have all the correct information for entrants in case of emergency, a photo ID check is required at the start in Ingleton on Saturday morning.  The best forms of ID are your photo driving license or passport.  For entrants who don’t wish to carry their ID around the route, a safety deposit box will be available and documents can be collected at the finish in Threshfield.  If an entrant does not have a photo driving license or passport, the following forms of ID are acceptable:

* Gov.uk voter ID

* Birth certificate

* Post Office ID card

* PASS (proof of age) card – where applicable

* National Insurance Card

* Paper driving license and utility bill showing the same address dated within the last 3 months


Is There Somewhere I Can Spend The Night?

We have secured the use of an adjacent field in which to camp free of charge at Threshfield. Toilet facilities will be provided, and showers will be available to use in the school as before. No parking is permitted within the camping field; parking is limited to the entrants’ car park at Threshfield Old Quarry. A free shuttle bus operates between the car park and the school. Camper vans can be accommodated in the Threshfield Old Quarry car park as before, where toilet facilities will also be available.

If you want to camp on Friday night please tick the box on you entry form to help us plan, you can also order a supper for the Friday night at the same time.

If you plan to arrive on the Friday evening we ask that you do so between 19:00 (7pm) and midnight, supper is served until 22:30 (10:30pm).

What Local Accommodation Is Available?

There are a number of Bed and Breakfast establishments near the Finish in Threshfield. Below are two links you could try. Threshfield is the ‘hamlet’ where the school is located, Grassington may also be an option as it is only a mile away and is larger.

Grassington Tourist Information
Grassington Chamber of Trade Website

I Can’t Get Up Early, What About Stopping Near The Start?

We suggest this isn’t a good idea since the route is not circular and there is no direct public transport service between the finish and the start, getting back to your car may be a problem. We do provide transport from the finish to the start on Saturday morning but not at any other time during the weekend.

Obviously if you have a driver who is not entering the event then this may be a possibility, you could try the local Tourist Information center for more details.

Ingleton Tourist Information

We ask that, out of consideration for local Threshfield residents on whose goodwill we depend, entrants please park only in the Quarry car park and not on any of the roads surrounding the school or in the field we have secured for camping.