Important Event Information
Fellsman 2022

Published : 16 April 2019
– We are reposting this information as it is still relevant for the 2022 event.
Please read
With less than 2 weeks to go, we have important information for all entrants. Please give yourself 5 minutes to read through it, and then where possible, let anyone you know taking part that they need to read it too.

The Route

As previously mentioned, the Fellsman runs over a lot of land that is, for the rest of the year, off limits. The committee negotiates passage over this land for the duration of the event, and for the most part this works well. Sometimes though, things change, and this year we have a section of land that we are unable to secure access across.
The area in question is between the Fleet Moss and Middle Tongue checkpoints. As there really is no way round or through, we must stress that you follow the road down the hill to the valley bottom. At Oughtershaw, or the Beckermonds turning, you can choose to stay on the road, or join the Dalesway. Once you get to Deepdale, you need to join the Dalesway if you have not done so already. When you get to Yockenthwaite Farm, there will be markers taking you on a track up to the top of the hillside, through a latched gate, where you can then make your way to Middle Tongue CP and carry on as before.

To make sure that EVERYONE adheres to this, we have instigated an ADDITIONAL CHECKPOINT (as mentioned in the handbook) at 909791 (marked as Broad Gate Barn), which is at the latched gate mentioned above.

This, as all other checkpoints, will be compulsory, and anyone not getting their tally clipped there will be disqualified. We have worked closely with the landowners to agree this route, and the new Yockenthwaite checkpoint location. We realise that, on paper, other routes up to Middle Tongue will be tempting but it is vital that this route is followed, so we have placed our additional checkpoint specifically to ensure it is.

We realise that some will not be happy to read this, but quite frankly it’s this or no event. We have done our best to find a solution that suits the landowners, as ultimately without their support the Fellsman will cease to exist. We trust that you will help us keep them happy (and remember – it is still lambing season).

Spaces and Withdrawals

We still have spaces, so if anyone is considering entering – please do! We still have a steady stream of entries coming in, and handbooks will be posted out up to Tuesday 23rd, after which they can be collected at registration.

If you find yourself unable to attend please drop us an email – – so we can make sure our database is up to date. Most withdrawals at this point are due to injury so please, look after yourselves!

Have you booked / paid for your transport / breakfast / supper?

Whilst checking the database it’s become clear that a fair few of you booked one or all of the above, but didn’t pay for it when you got to paypal page. It would be very helpful if you could check this, and then pay for anything you’re missing through the link on our website before the event.

(Anyone who has not paid for these will need to pay for them at registration – this will be CASH ONLY, please bring the correct change if at all possible.)

The Fellsmenu

Here in Fellsman land we strive to feed as many of you as possible, whatever your dietary needs may be. We’ve always provided vegetarian options where possible, Gluten Free options in as many places as possible, and to cover all options a system where you can have your own food parcels delivered to the roadside checkpoints. To make planning for this easier, we have posted a detailed list of what is where (and can be eaten by whom!) on our catering page. And don’t forget to get in touch if you intend to take advantage of any of it, as supplies of GF / vegan food will be limited in places, and we need to know whose food parcels to look out for.

Fellsman Maps (and other kit-based paraphernalia)

The Fellsman map will be available to purchase online until Good Friday, then it will be available to buy at Threshfield on the Friday night, and at Ingleton on the Saturday morning, along with various other ‘useful’ bits that may be needed to pass our stringent kit check (including foil blankets / ponchos).

Car Sharing

We’ve had a few requests through the email account for anyone who may be able to car share. We know there are people in the area but due to blessed GDPR we are unable to put people in touch! So, we ask that anyone needing a lift, or who has space in their car, keep any eye on our fb presence and look for any such posts. It’d be great if anyone needing help could find it, the public transport system barely stretches to the area and taxis are scarce.
That’s it for now Fellsmanites, keep your eyes peeled for anymore more snippets of info that may appear between now and the 26th. We will be posting details of the new Yockenthwaite checkpoint at Threshfield, Ingleton and Fleet Moss, and we would be grateful if you can make sure anyone you know who is taking part reads this beforehand.

Now to find the Plot, it seems to have escaped.

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