Important Route Information Update
Fellsman 2019

Published : 22 February 2019
We say this every year, but with good reason.

We make no apology for asking those intending to enter the Fellsman not to walk or run the route before the event weekend. As has previously been stated, the major part of the route crosses private land, over which the event committee negotiates access for the weekend of the event only. Any other use antagonises the landowners and thereby threatens the future of the event.

Over the years, we have gained the respect of the people who live and work in the area; please help us keep this goodwill by in turn respecting them, their property and their privacy.

With that in mind, we must also make the following announcement.

As you all know, the Fellsman runs over a lot of land that is, for the rest of the year, off limits. The committee negotiates passage over this land for the duration of the event, as Open Access rights do not apply to organised events such as the Fellsman, and for the most part this works well. Sometimes though, things change, and this year we have a section of land that we are unable to secure access across.

Unfortunately, this land directly borders onto a section of land we have not had access to for some years, due to it being ‘of scientific interest’ , which means we’re having to specify a route for a section of the event.

The area in question is between Fleet Moss and Middle Tongue checkpoints. As there really is no way round or through, we must stress that you follow the road down the hill to the valley bottom. At Oughtershaw, or the Beckermonds turning, you can choose to stay on the road, or join the Dalesway. Once you get to Deepdale, you need to join the Dalesway if you have not done so already. When you get to Yockenthwaite Farm, there will be markers taking you on a track up to the top of the hillside, through a latched gate, where you can then make your way to Middle Tongue CP and carry on as before.

Route Change

We know how much you all love (!) the section after Fleet Moss, but quite simply it’s this or no event. We must stress that this area should be avoided while out and about in the hills AT ALL TIMES. We will make changes to the Points to Observe rules in the handbook and online shortly to reflect the new route. Thank you for your understanding.
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