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Published : 10 April 2018
You will probably have seen the update in this year’s handbook about our FellTrack system.

This explains that we will be using silicone wristband tags instead of sticky labels on the back of the tallies. We will also be using our new ScanBoxes to do the scanning, these are self-contained orange boxes that still use the familiar “wheeee” sound when you scan. There’s a nice big target to aim at when you scan.

This system is of great benefit to the teams organising the event. As well as recording the progress of the entrants it also tracks our staff and vehicles, particularly minibuses, and helps us to spot any problems as they develop.

We’re not the only ones who can benefit from this system though, your friends and family are also welcome to use the system to see where you’ve got to. We track you at every roadside checkpoint and the majority of the hilltop checkpoints too. If everything is working correctly, your scan should upload to the server within seconds and will show on the website immediately. We know that Internet access is a challenge in the area, so we do sometimes have problems, but the data will get uploaded at some stage if not immediately.
There’s no charge to use FellTrack, it’s all part of the incredible value we offer. All you need to know to use the system is the address where you can login as a guest.

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FellTrack wristbands
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